Bohan and Bradstreet

Professional Relationships

3/11/2019 by Bailey


According to Linkedin:

  • The #1 way people discover a new job is through a referral
  • The #1 reason people change jobs is career opportunity
  • Companies can expand their talent pool by 10x by recruiting through their employees’ networks.


Networking is not about quantity. Useful networks are a culmination of building strong relationships. The vast majority of placed candidates are not actively seeking new employment but most are willing to listen when it comes to new opportunity that aligns with their career path. Maintaining a strong network also benefits companies because the give and take occurring within the network can lead to new business leads and broaden the scope of potential partnerships. Since 1987, Bohan & Bradstreet has cultivated a vast network through business gatherings with leaders in varous companies and strong relationships with talented candidates. Networking has consistently yielded a high level of success for B&B, our clients and our candidates.