Bohan and Bradstreet

Resume Refresh

1/24/2020 by Bailey


Don't wait for Spring to do cleaning of your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you had a year end review, bonus, promotion or were assigned added responsibilities, a larger scope of projects or a leadership role going forward, you should highlight those accolades on your resume and social media profiles. You do not need to be actively looking for a new job to market yourselves. Hiring authorities and recruiters are managing opportunities that can align with your career path and desired goals. However, to be a contender, you must have your information up to date with your latest and greatest accomplishments. Also, don't forget to continously update your keywords with new skills and experience because hiring authorities are regularly using Applicant Tracking Systems to narrow the talent pool. Continue to visit the B&B job board to view opportunities as we are updating daily with new roles our clients are motivated to fill.