Bohan and Bradstreet

Candidate vs. Client Perspective of B&B

1/20/2023 by Bailey


Candidate Perspective:

“The placement service provided to me by Bohan & Bradstreet is unmatched and exceeds well beyond my expectations. In particular, one can expect the interview preparation to be thorough. Many of the probable questions during the interview have already been practiced and fine-tuned so the responses are always focused and professional. In addition, B&B negotiates with a prospective employer in the best interests of his candidate. Therefore, I strongly recommend Bohan & Bradstreet to anyone in pursuit of career advancement.”

Client Perspective:

“We contracted with Bohan & Bradstreet to conduct a search for a senior-level employee. Prior to Bohan & Bradstreet conducting a national search, they spent time with us not only to learn about the company culture, but to really envision the position and the potential growth capacity for this position. Unlike other search firms, we were not sent candidates just to fill our organization. Follow-up and follow-through are not just words with this firm – it is the way they perform.”