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Become a Thought Leader

3/18/2015 by julie

Have you ever considered your own brand storytelling as an Executive Thought Leader and the compelling narrative you tell about yourself?

In todays executive job market being a thought leader is a desirable trait. Professionals discovered long ago that your personal brand must have a narrative and a story in order to remain relevant in your industry. You can no longer just identify an area of expertise or define your executive role with a label because you just won't stand out. What set's you apart, what projects have you driven that have had that out of the box thinking mentality? You should always write, speak and actively stay visable and offer thought-provoking material. This ensures that you stay on top of industry trends and become a visible thought leader.

We have found the same holds true for companies looking for executive leaders. It is not enough to just identify the kind of company you are, you have to offer a narrative and clearly define how you stand out from the competition. This is what attracts the best thought leaders and executives. We are now in a digital age where content is just as important as social, personal branding amongst executives and employees, and how to convey a companies personality to consumers. Consumers in large make desisions on how they feel. They gain these feelings from companies based on the stories and the brand identities they portray. Think about Apple and the compelling brand stories they have created and communicated to their consumers.

Consumers will now be looking even more to branded content. How will you as an executive become a thought leader and drive your company to tell a narrative that will resonate with your target audience?