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Turnover - Is It Good or Bad?

4/21/2015 by julie

Low turnover has long been perceived as indicative of a strong company. The rationale makes sense-a company must be doing something right if employees remain working there.

However, the issue is much more complex.  Employees stay at companies formany reasons which may relate very little to the company. Employees may be:

  • Under-skilled
  • Unmotivated to advance
  • Anxious that the economy is too unstable
  • Comfortable and complacent in a known environment

Turnover can certainly be disruptive to a business, impacting employee morale and performance.  It also has real costs, from job postings to interviewer time to lost productivity to higher salaries and sign-on bonuses.  It's no wonder that many employers want to avoid turnover. 

But sometimes change is exactly what's needed.  Whether employees are let go or leave voluntarily, turnover can be a smart opportunity for employers to select, hire, and develop new talent into the organization.  People who are excited about the company and have the capability to perform at a high level can make a significant difference. Some turnover is actually good for the company!

 We want to hear from you. Share how has turnover been for your company?