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6 Impactful Recruiting Trends

12/10/2015 by julie

  1. The shift in power to the candidate means current approaches will stop working  - 83 percent of recruiters report that the power has shifted away from where it has been for years, the employer, and toward the candidate. Now that top candidates are in the driver's seat, the best have multiple options, recruiting must dramatically increase hiring speed, offer a great candidate experience, and shift to an emphasis away from assessment and toward excellence in "selling candidates."
  2. Shifting to compelling offers becomes essential - during the down economy, almost any offer was accepted. However, in today's marketplace where top candidates get multiple offers, the offer generation process must be radically updated. That means that sign-on bonuses, exploding offers, and identifying and meeting an individual candidate's job acceptance criteria will become essential once again.
  3. Perhaps the biggest surprise will be the shortage of top recruiters - as recruiting volume and difficulty both ramp up, firms will begin to realize that there is a significant shortage of talented and currently up-to-date recruiters.
  4. Videos begin dominating recruiting messaging - If you're not already using video job descriptions, videos for employer branding, video employee profiles, video job postings and video job offers, you need to realize that authentic videos are an essential supplement to all traditionally print messaging. Videos make it easier to see and feel the excitement at your firm.
  5. Learning to hire whenever scarce talent becomes available - during periods when top talent is extremely scarce, the best targets enter and exit the job market over a matter of days. That means that recruiting functions must shift from their traditional recruiting model, where you hire only when a position becomes open, to a completely different approach, where you hire whenever top talent is available to your company.
  6. Sourcing will add a "find-their-work" component -With the growth of the Internet and social media, it is now becoming possible to find the actual work of most professionals. There will be a focus on discovering the great ideas and the writing, the pictures, and the video representations of their work.