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Client Testimonials

Find out what our clients have to say about partnering with Bohan & Bradstreet.

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Efficient Process Management

“B&B kept our search on track and helped with all aspects of the hiring process.”

President/CEO, Publicly-Traded Fortune 500 Organization

Exceptional Service

“Bohan & Bradstreet provided exceptional service to us in our search for a CFO. Within a very short time after contracting with them, we had three very qualified candidates, and we would have been well served by any one of them. Their diligent work in seeking out the requirements we needed so as to pace qualified candidates was impressive. In addition, their write ups of the candidate beyond the curriculum vitae, was helpful in developing a timely and effective interview schedule. They were precise in communicating dates, times, and locations of interviews, with no delays at any point in the process – extremely important in multi-layer interviews, especially for a high level candidate. I would highly recommend Bohan & Bradstreet, and, if the need arises, I plan to utilize their services again. ”

Ripley Tools, President

Asked Insightful Questions

“B&B asked insightful questions that made me change the original scope of the position; they quickly understood my needs and the requirements to succeed. They sent us a handful of qualified candidates to choose from. The position filled within six weeks of starting the search which is a testament to them understanding our needs and closing the deal. ”

SIGNATURE BRANDS, LLC, Chief Financial Officer

Success Stories Keep Increasing

“I have been contracting the services of Bohan & Bradstreet for over 5 years. During this period, and under the partnership development with them, the success stories keep increasing. The resourcefulness and professionalism is tops. Candidates are screened to exhaustion, but most importantly are matched to perfection. The clear understanding and careful expectations of a client’s needs are excellent through out the process. This is a top agency!”

Resa Power Solutions, General Manager

Very Professional

“Sennheiser has been working with Bohan and Bradstreet for over 10 years. Their overall philosophy on how they work with their candidates and clients is very professional and the way it should be. They are very thorough. They take the time to understand the needs of the client as well as understand the needs of the candidate to ensure a good fit. You don't get the feeling that they just want to make a placement. It's about the long term relationship.”

SENNHEISER ELECTRONIC CORP., Director of Human Resources

Leading Business Partner!

“The team at Bohan & Bradstreet has a terrific ability to quickly understand the needs of our business. They have worked hard to maintain a positive professional relationship and are a leading business partner in supporting our recruitment needs.”

AMERIFIT BRANDS, INC., Senior Director, Human Resources

Only Sent the Cream of the Crop

“I want to thank you for your excellent work in our most recent placement. As you know we have recently restructured and were in need of a high level asset to run the manufacturing for our facility. I needed someone who had the technical background to solve the complex molding and assembly problems that we have encountered. I also needed someone who could hit the ground running, and I needed it fast. A week after our initial discussion, I met with the Bohan & Bradstreet staff to discuss my needs in detail. They took the time to fully understand the qualities the ideal candidate needed to possess. They understood the budget for the asset and were clear in describing the kind of talent I could attain for that price. Finally, the whole team engaged in the search to find the right person. Within a few weeks, the B&B team started to send resumes with pre-qualified candidates. They quickly set up interviews and within less than 6 weeks from initial consultation, I hired the ideal candidate for our new Manufacturing Manager. What sets B&B apart from the rest is the level of screening they perform. Every candidate they sent my way could clearly do the job, and probably very well. They had already screened out the average performers and only sent along the cream of the crop. The task became easy at that point. I didn’t have to worry about whether the candidate could do the job; their history had already proven they had, and well. It was more a matter of finding the perfect person with the right history and background. It was a great experience with excellent results. Once again, thank you to the B&B team for doing such a great job. We are a very satisfied customer and we will be certain to spread the word to our business associates that have similar needs. ”

INTEGRO, President

Great Assistance in Interviewing Process

“Bohan & Bradstreet was a huge help throughout my interview process. Their interview coaching was spot-on and directly addressed numerous topics that arose. B&B stayed in close contact throughout the rather lengthy process, and both answered all of my questions and alleviated my concerns. I definitely plan to refer my colleagues to Bohan & Bradstreet for their career searches.”

Manager, Operations & QA, Resa Power Solutions

Quality and Speed

“I have been dealing with Bohan & Bradstreet since 1987. I have used their services on many occasions, all with excellent results. Our most recent experience was an outstanding success. We had been searching for a number of months for a very specialized operating management position in a very rural location. We were not sure we could get the right candidate and ultimately engaged Bohan & Bradstreet to do the executive search. They found several very qualified candidates and in less than 90 days from our first meeting, the new candidate started. We were very impressed with the quality and the speed of this very difficult search.”


Taking the Placement Process Further

“Bohan & Bradstreet takes talent recruitment and retainment to a new level. By taking the time to understand our business, challenges and culture, they are most able to represent H&T in the marketplace and attract highly talented candidates to our company. B&B employs very talented professionals who orchestrate the placement process in a competent and efficient manner. But they take the placement process further, coaching both the company and hired individual during the courting and honeymoon periods for successful outcomes.”

H&T BATTERY COMPONENTS, Vice President, Finance & Human Resources

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