Bohan and Bradstreet

Be in the Know

9/25/2019 by Bailey


Whether actively seeking the next step in your career or not, it is advised to keep your eye on the job market and on openings within your field. Your current position will serve as the springboard to the next level so continuously updating your resume with value adding examples, highlights of successful project completions, or situations where your leadership skills can be illustrated, is beneficial. Getting in front of a recruiter or hiring authority will enable you to be considered should an opening occur that aligns with your background and future trajectory. A proactive candidate will get ahead of reductions in staff and be in the market prior to job elimination. A reactive candidate will always be playing catch up and too long in the market for a job will play against them. The next step in your career may be in your current company with a promotion or it can be the end of the line for your progression. Determine your circumstances and if a B&B search consultant can be of assistance, connect with us today!