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Forward Thinking = Better Hiring

10/11/2019 by julie


Hiring talented individuals for your company can be daunting. B&B has ensured successful hiring for our client partners for decades. Here are some problem areas we have identified over the years that can inhibit a talent acquisition that will positively impact your company.

#1 Inadequate Interviewing: Every role is a reflection of the business model and culture. Many companies schmooze candidates or rely on first impressions. Interviewing is an art form and there should be an assessment of hard and soft skills, functional and cultural fit, and evaluation of capabilities, contributions, and accomplishments through a series of situational questions and discussion points. Having a scorecard to measure the various qualifiers for any role is the best way to make comparisons among the applicants. 65% of the time, the best candidate for the role is not the best interviewer.

#2 Avoiding the Problem: About 25% of the searches we manage annually are confidential replacements. The client recognizes that the incumbent is not meeting expectations and needs to be replaced. Often the search comes with an upgrade in responsibilities. However, too many companies camouflage the problem and attempt to hire around it because of loyalty and/or seniority. Sacrificing the wellness of the company by circumventing the problem will create turnover.

#3 Backward Thinking: We call it “Pothole Mentality.” Looking backwards and replacing a role is stale thinking. Don’t replace; rather re-engineer the role for today and tomorrow. Reassess core skills, requirements, and competencies. With all the changes impacting business through technology, outsourcing, and best practices, organizations need to align their staff and resources to both the current and future needs of the business. Hiring to replace yesterday is a mistake.

#4 Not Being Upfront: There is a right way and a wrong way when hiring. Be honest on workforce hours, travel, responsibilities, culture, leadership, and wellness of business. Building trust from the beginning is essential. Over one third of turnover is due to hiring authorities who were not forthcoming and the hired candidate feeling deceived.

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help your company with talent acquisition. B&B search professionals always measure their success by the success of your company and the people we place on your team.