Bohan and Bradstreet

Forbes Best Recruiting Firm Survey

12/16/2022 by Bailey


Forbes Media LLC and Statista, Inc. are going to recognize America’s Best Recruiting Firms for the seventh time.

 Since 2018, Bohan & Bradstreet has been recognized as an America’s Best Recruiting Firm every year!! 

Please consider taking the short survey at the link above and rate your experience working with Bohan & Bradstreet.

The FREE survey will be open until January 12, 2023.

 After you click on the survey link, there is a “Click here to register” button in BLUEYou will need to register yourself to participate in the survey.

Please note that you need to provide your valid business e-mail address to register. 

Forbes Media LLC and Statista, Inc. will then send you a personal invitation to the survey.

 Once you receive the survey invitation, you will be prompted to enter talent acquisition firms after answering a couple of questions.

Please consider entering and assessing our team (

 The B&B team is thankful for your partnership and consideration to participate in this survey.