Bohan and Bradstreet

Humans Placing Humans

4/7/2023 by Bailey


Artificial Intelligence programs for hiring has boomed in recent years and certainly has proven to be a valuable resource in matching individuals to positions. It is a concept that entails keyword capture based on a snapshot of a person's soft skills (communication style, problem-solving, organization, decision making) to relevant hard skills (teachable skills such as computer program capability, job specific tasks, etc.). It then identifies a match to keywords of the job description and can be customized to include company culture and team environment. The issues that have surfaced from such a tool are slowly coming to the surface. The main problem is that the programs are heavily reliant on keywords which are populated by people who may not be savvy in the evolution of AI and are not clued into what words should be incorporated into their resumes. AI cannot find what is not there. The following articles outline more pros and cons of using AI in hiring.

Bohan & Bradstreet has found that our clients find more value in working directly with veteran professional recruiting firms because of the human connection that naturally occurs on both sides of the hiring process. B&B spends time getting to know the whole of the company, the department structures, the fit within the industry, the long term goals, and where new talent can add value. B&B spends time sourcing candidates and getting to know each one through a series of calls to determine what in their career history makes them right for the next step and where they see themselves long term. The entire approach is designed to bring humans together in an organic way and ultimately ensures a more sustainable relationship.