Bohan and Bradstreet

The B&B Experience in Their Words

3/8/2024 by Bailey

When working on behalf of our clients to source talent for their organization, B&B makes sure to represent the best interests of the company while streamlining the hiring process. For our candidates, we advocate and support during the interviewing process. Here are a few recent testimonials:


“I want to compliment B&B on being accurate, quick and effective. They were especially thorough in presenting their candidates and coordinated the interview process. They did a great job. I want to complement B&B for representing us very adequately and very efficiently. I thank you so much. We are going to look forward to doing more business with you.”


“The placement service provided to me by Bohan & Bradstreet is unmatched and exceeds well beyond my expectations. In particular, one can expect the interview preparation to be thorough. Many of the probable questions during the interview have already been practiced and fine-tuned so the responses are always focused and professional. In addition, B&B negotiates with a prospective employer in the best interests of his client. Therefore, I strongly recommend Bohan & Bradstreet to anyone in pursuit of career advancement.”