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Time to Refresh Your Social Media

3/22/2024 by Bailey


As Spring begins to emerge, it is a great time to clean and refresh. Consider applying that concept to your online professional profile with an edit to your total social media platform. 

In a competitive job market it is important to stand out amongst your peers. A good way to catch a hiring authority’s eye is with a strong profile on LinkedIn. Incomplete profiles or leaving off blocks of time will not get you the same attention as those profiles that are showing effort and attention to detail. Even if you are not actively looking for a new role, your professional presence can yield a conversation about an opportunity that can intrigue. In addition, your current company wants a strong representation so linking yourself to them as an employee should come with a responsibility to show your caliber. Recruiters are searching for talented individuals in their field so show the talent by telling the reader about ways you have added value, where you have gained applicable experience, and how you have proven capable of leadership responsibilities.

In addition to updating your Linkedin profile, also take the time to review the rest of your social media. Hiring authories might look at Facebook, Twitter and Instragram so maintain those platforms in a manner that represents you authentically. They may want to get to know the person behind the professional resume so feature your leisure time and personal interests. What you put out there publicly can attract an engagement with a recruiter or eliminate you from the talent pool.