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Building Strategic Relationships with Business Peers

7/15/2015 by julie


In any organization, you need to rely on others to complete tasks and accomplish the goals of the organization. 

Building strong internal, operational networks with cross-functional peers will help you gain cooperation of others to achieve tasks, sell ideas, and gain resources. But first you need to build strategic relationships with peers.  Outlined below are tips to create win/win peer relationships.

1.      Don’t act or be siloed.  Share information, ask for your peers’ input, and look for ways to collaborate and solve company-wide problems.

2.      Get to know your peers by asking them open-ended questions that demonstrate your interest and willingness to help.

3.      Defend your peers behind their backs.

4.      Don’t try to compete with your peers.  Go out of your way to give them credit and point out their strengths and accomplishments.

5.      Pay attention to your peers at meetings – listen and incorporate their suggestions into your recommendations.

6.      Build trust with peers by conducting regular group meetings to share information and touch base.

7.      Form peer coaching relationships with your peers.  Commit to learn from each other.

Drawn from the thoughts of Dan McCarthy’s website, Great leadership, and from Scott Eblin, author of The Next Level.

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