Bohan and Bradstreet

Do You Want to be Promoted?

9/15/2015 by julie

Promotions are not for everyone. Timing, functionality, and requirements have to be measured.

The key questions that you want to ask are as follows:
(1) Is this the best time to make the step up? Taking on the next level of responsibility requires additional training and practice. Make sure that will happen.
(2) With promotions comes longer hours and possibly increased travel so are you prepared to take on the additional responsibility and stress?
(3) What new skills and knowledge will you gain and are they in alignment with your career goals? Sometimes promotions are into confined areas and limit long term growth and market value.
(4) Does the new role take you away from the work that you really derive satisfaction from? Some sales professionals like the customer engagement and then when promoted to sales manager find out they are in management of employees and have significantly less face time with customers.
(5) Will the new role disrupt your life balance? Promotions come with more accountability and less flexibility to devote to activities outside of work.  

Ready for a promotion or looking to take the next step in your career? Bohan and Bradstreet has the resources to help you take the next step.