Bohan and Bradstreet

Edward B. Bradstreet, CPCPresident

I started B&B because I enjoy partnering with different businesses and helping them grow with great talent.

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I grew up in Connecticut on a farm and I am self-made through hard work.  I have been in the recruiting space for over 40 years and still get to the office before 7:30am daily.  I love this business.  I am surrounded with talented individuals and together, we have achieved great results.  I would not change one decision when I look back on the journey. 

Education & Certification:

University of Vermont, B.A.; Certified Personnel Consultant


  • I play a lot of golf, but still shoot above 90 (18 holes).
  • I enjoy reading and attending my grandkids events.

Who is Bohan?

  • He was the Chief Canine Officer and our family dog.

My grandkids call me…

  • Roo (short for Buckaroo)!
"B&B has out performed their competition by huge margins."CFOPrivately-Held Manufucturing Organization