Bohan and Bradstreet

October 2020

Back in the Day

Wednesday, October 28, 2020  by Bailey



Did you know...

When Ed Bradstreet founded B&B back in 1987 he would market opportunities in the want ads of the newspaper. Client referrals were prepared on a typewriter and mailed via the post office. The process then was slow but the concept hasn’t changed in that he has an eye for talented professionals. Today technology has afforded the entire B&B team to facilitate the search process in a shorter time period but the success rate is still attributed to the ability to identify the bullseye.

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The Pandemic Workplace

Monday, October 12, 2020  by Bailey


What was once the parameters of a positive workplace enviiroment to promote happy and productive worker, has completely turned 180 degrees at present. Remote offices are the norm during the pandemic and many are settling in for the long haul. Some may move to virtual permanently and re-allocate expenses from a physical location into marketing, technology, or new hires. Whether temporary or permanent, it is important to establish new procedures and policies to the team with consistent communication. The open door policy for management and establishing a camraderie within the team is still  important to employees and just requires redefining communication methods and prioritizing time on the schedule for touch base meetings with follow up. Workplace culture can be positive by encouraging employees to find an environment that makes them happy and lends itself to productivity while also ensuring they feel supported from afar. 

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