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June 2015

Presence and Communcation

Tuesday, June 16, 2015  by julie

Have you ever been in the presence of someone who could communicate authentically, make instant connections with people, or capture an audience’s immediate attention?

How do you acquire this capability?

According to Amy Jen Su and Muriel Maignan Wilkins, co-authors of “Own the Room”, leadership presence is the ability to consistently and clearly articulate your value proposition while influencing and connecting with others.  The co-authors suggest two factors – 1) demonstrate your authentic value and distinction, and 2) connect to others in a positive way.

Others suggest eliminating the “noise” or distractions.  Be present to what is happening right now and around you.  There appears to be consensus regarding effective communication skills and the impacts on presence.  Impactful communication requires awareness, energy, concentration, eye contact, and voice inflection.  Many people are not aware of their energy level when speaking.  Energy is a driver to capture interest and create presence.   You can have a big impact on the energy level (positive and negative) within a team discussion or meeting.  You can set the tone consciously or unconsciously.   

To us, there is a clear correlation between presence and communication.  Be honest with yourself when assessing your capabilities.  The tone you set as a contributor and observer can have a profound effect on your performance and the effect on the organization.

Discover your voice and take your presence to the next level!!

Bohan & Bradstreet finds individuals distinctive to the personality of our clients' organizations.  We help build a winning team and culture.

How can we help you?  

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Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Wednesday, June 10, 2015  by julie

In Working with Emotional Intelligence, a book written by Daniel Goleman, the author explores a different way of thinking about human intelligence.   His research suggests that emotional intelligence (E.Q.) has a greater impact on life success that analytical intelligence (I.Q.).  There are three main drivers of E.Q. skills:

1.      To be aware of, recognize, understand, and work with our own emotional state
2.      To notice and accurately determine another’s emotional state
3.      To bridge the gap between our emotions and another’s through empathy, communication, and relationship-building

Daniel Goleman states that E.Q. is something that can be learned and taught.  One can improve their E.Q. through experiential exercises, coaching, and practicing these skills in everyday life.

Outlined below are some opportunities to integrate E.Q. in your current work environment:

·        If someone comes to you with an issue or problem, respond with empathy first before recommending a solution.  Put yourself in that person’s shoes.

·        During a team discussion or meeting, write down what emotions (i.e., frustration, relief, confusion, sadness) surface for you and your peers.  After the meeting, think about why those emotions surfaced and how they could be addressed to support collaboration, consensus building, decision-making, etc.

·        As a leader, it is important that all individuals feel like they have a voice during a discussion or team meeting.  Make sure you check-in and provide an open platform to express feelings. 

Bohan & Bradstreet finds individuals distinctive to the personality of our clients' organizations.  We help build a winning team and culture.

How can we help you? 

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Leadership Sets Companies Apart

Thursday, June 4, 2015  by julie

Great leaders are differentiators, they can impact the effectiveness of the work environment and the discretionary effort by a team.  Leaders that can acclimate and adapt a style to a situation are the most effective. 

Research by companies, like the HayGroup, on leadership have shown there are six leadership styles that employees can apply to the situations they encounter:

·        Affiliative – create harmony and avoid conflict; relies on building internal relationships and consensus
·        Authorative – provides long-term direction and vision; relies on “dialogue” with others
·        Coaching – focuses on long-term development of employees
·        Coercive – immediate compliance; relies on “directives” rather than “direction”
·        Democratic – very participative; building commitment and generating new ideas
·        Pacesetting – establishing high standards of excellence for completing tasks

The most effective style depends on the situation, task, employee that needs to be managed in addition to other variables like times pressures, risks, resources, etc.  Great leaders are able to diagnose the demands of the circumstance and use multiple leadership styles to persevere.

As a company, you face an unlimited number of different situations.  As an organization, you need to ask the following critical questions:

·        What does the situation require of us to compete in a challenging environment?
·        Do I have the bench strength to handle the situation at present?
·        Am I grooming the next generation of leaders?
·        Can I diagnose the leadership style(s) that are most “natural” to our organization?

Companies need leaders that complement each other, but also need to acquire leaders to compensate for what you do not have.  Companies that are open to this dialogue and aware of blind spots internally are forward thinking, and ahead of the talent acquisition curve.

How can we help you find top talent?

We present individuals distinctive to the personality of the organization. We evaluate on technical qualifications, cultural fit, leadership capabilities/styles, critical and creative thinking capabilities, and interpersonal skills. 

We have deep functional experience and have placed over 3,000+ individuals over our 25+ history within these business functions:

·        Accounting & Finance
·        Compliance, Legal & Risk (CLR)
·        Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain (EOSC)
·        Human Resources
·        Marketing, Sales & Strategy (MSS)
·        Technology

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Hot Job Opportunities

Monday, June 1, 2015  by julie

It is the start of a new month and we have some HOT opportunities we are working on across the disciplines of  Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales, and Human Resources. Click on each job to read more and share if you know of someone who might be a right fit or interested in any of our HOT job opportunities.

Accounting & Finance

Promotable Finance Manager; ID 11859
 PA - Du Bois
Salary Range: 85000.00 - 110000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
This is a talent development role mentored by the VP Finance with a full relocation package offered. Come see this amazing opportunity here.

Senior Tax Accountant; ID 11780
Location/City: CT - Cheshire
Salary Range: 70000.00 - 95000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Growth opportunity!! Center stage role in an ambitious, profitable corporation. Click here to see this job.

Value-Adding Finance Director; ID 11674
Location/City: NC - Wilmington
Salary Range: 140000.00 - 160000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
We are looking for a value-adding, hands-on leader with upside. Sound like you? Click here to apply. 

Promotable Controller; ID 11881
Location/City: CT - Southington
Salary Range: 100000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Opening due to internal promotions! Be mentored and promoted! Come see this growth opportunity, click here

Controller with Upside; ID 11831
Location/City: IL - Libertyville
Salary Range: 100000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Be a business partner, report to CFO/COO and lead a team of 4-5. Read more about this opportunity here.

Marketing Controller; ID 11860
Location/City: CT - Rocky Hill
Salary Range: 90000.00 - 110000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Be totally involved in marketing plan on international expansion, promotional marketing programs, and new product launches. Click here to apply.

Financial Reporting Manager; ID 11858
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 115000.00 - 135000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
You will be the primary point of contact with external auditors, international accounting teams, actuaries, and legal. Lots of areas to be value-adding. Come apply to this job here.

Global Tax Manager; ID 11848
Location/City: CT - Milford
Salary Range: 100000.00 - 130000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Dynamic fast growing manufacturing company is seeking a Tax Manager. Click here to apply.

Manager of Financial Reporting & Compliance; ID 11871
Location/City: CT - West Haven
Salary Range: 85000.00 - 100000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Highly visible center stage role reports to the Corporate Controller! Be a key contributor of the accounting leadership team. Come see this opportunity here.

Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain 

Buyer; ID 11877
Location/City: CT - Trumbull
Salary Range: 65000.00 - 75000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Opportunity to manage purchasing for specific manufacturing categories. Come see this opportunity here.

Industrial Engineer; ID 11872
Location/City: CT - Waterbury
Salary Range: 70000.00 - 80000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Ideal opportunity for an Industrial Engineer with a broad skill base who has an up-to-date tool kit (Lean/Six Sigma). Click here to apply.

Operations Manager; ID 11866
Location/City: CT - Middletown
Salary Range: 110000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Hands-on leadership role that is growing aggressively both organically and through acquisitions. Company is known for their product innovation and manufacturing capability. Click here to see this opportunity.

Production Planner; ID 11862
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 60000.00 - 75000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Growing business needs a capable production planner to schedule all jobs on the production floor. Come read more about this job here

Senior Manufacturing Engineer; ID 11784
Location/City: CT - Stratford
Salary Range: 75000.00 - 85000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Leading responsibility for the troubleshooting of production, assembly, manufacturing and inspection problems. Click here to see this job.


Marketing & Sales

Global Marketing Manager; ID 11863
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 120000.00 - 140000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Manage and direct a comprehensive marketing program across the organization. Click here to apply.

Director of Sales; ID 11884
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 150000.00 - 175000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Looking for a candidate with the potential at the VP level! Come see this opportunity here.

Director of Contract Administration Reporting; ID 11700
Location/City: CT - New Haven
Salary Range: 90000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Versatile hands-on role within this entrepreneurial $75M+ publicly traded manufacturer/distributor. Click here to apply.

Product Development Manager; ID 11864
Location/City: CT - Rocky Hill
Salary Range: 100000.00 - 120000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Visible role focused on driving innovation! Partner with marketing and sales to utilize consumer and market insights in developing new product development concepts. Click here to see apply to this opportunity.


Human Resources

Senior Compensation Analyst; ID 11856
Location/City: CT - Fairfield County
Salary Range: 85000.00 - 95000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Building additional compensation capability. Growth environment! Click here to apply.

Director of Staffing; ID 11857
Location/City: CT - Fairfield County
Salary Range: 130000.00 - 150000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Drive the recruitment capability to the next level! Come click here.

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