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June 2022

Success Story

Friday, June 24, 2022  by Bailey


Why Choose Bohan & Bradstreet

Privately held, multi-plant manufacturer wanted to upgrade their financial team confidentially. Incumbent was a loyal maintainer and not adding value, embracing technology and partnering as effectively as desired with leadership. There had been recent turnover in accounting department. B&B was referred in by a board member to lead the search.

Following an informative discussion with the executive team, B&B suggested expansion of responsibility and assisted leadership in the development of a scorecard to evaluate candidates. Short- and long-term opportunities for improvements were defined. Organizational profile was slightly altered. Search parameters and process were agreed upon. B&B advised on compensation required to attract the right level of talent.

B&B focused first on appropriate candidates that did not require relocation. Over 100 profiles were researched and reviewed; 17 candidates were recruited and completed the initial screening process. Following in-depth interviews, soft skill assessments, and open discussion regarding the role, company, culture, and upside potential, B&B presented a slate of four candidates. All four were interviewed and two moved forward on 2nd and 3rd round evaluations. An offer was made and accepted. A counteroffer was acknowledged and rejected. From initial signing of search contract to acceptance took 26 business days.

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Styles in Leadership

Friday, June 10, 2022  by Bailey


Great leaders are differentiators, they can impact the effectiveness of the work environment and the discretionary effort by a team.  Leaders that can acclimate and adapt a style to a situation are the most effective. 

Research by companies, like the HayGroup, on leadership have shown there are six leadership styles that employees can apply to the situations they encounter:

·        Affiliative – create harmony and avoid conflict; relies on building internal relationships and consensus
·        Authorative – provides long-term direction and vision; relies on “dialogue” with others
·        Coaching – focuses on long-term development of employees
·        Coercive – immediate compliance; relies on “directives” rather than “direction”
·        Democratic – very participative; building commitment and generating new ideas
·        Pacesetting – establishing high standards of excellence for completing tasks

The most effective style depends on the situation, task, employee that needs to be managed in addition to other variables like times pressures, risks, resources, etc.  Great leaders are able to diagnose the demands of the circumstance and use multiple leadership styles to persevere.

As a company, you face an unlimited number of different situations.  As an organization, you need to ask the following critical questions:

·        What does the situation require of us to compete in a challenging environment?
·        Do I have the bench strength to handle the situation at present?
·        Am I grooming the next generation of leaders?
·        Can I diagnose the leadership style(s) that are most “natural” to our organization?

Companies need leaders that complement each other, but also need to acquire leaders to compensate for what you do not have.  Companies that are open to this dialogue and aware of blind spots internally are forward thinking, and ahead of the talent acquisition curve.

How can we help you find top talent?

We present individuals distinctive to the personality of the organization. We evaluate on technical qualifications, cultural fit, leadership capabilities/styles, critical and creative thinking capabilities, and interpersonal skills. 

We have deep functional experience and have placed over 3,000+ individuals over our 25+ history within these business functions:

·        Accounting & Finance
·        Compliance, Legal & Risk (CLR)
·        Engineering, Operations & Supply Chain (EOSC)
·        Human Resources
·        Marketing, Sales & Strategy (MSS)
·        Technology

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