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New Opportunities!

Friday, January 18, 2019  by julie


General Manager, Bridgeport, CT

VISIONHighly reputableand profitable consumer service company serving New England customers isseeking its #2leader reporting to the President. Must be committed to presenting ideas which foster organic growth via new sales channels and business partnering agreements. Have full P&L responsibility for business development and marketing responsibility to expand this contract based business. Very entrepreneurial setting with a best practices mindset!  Family oriented culture with a history of attracting, developing and retaining its leadership!

Senior Accountant with Upside, New Haven, CT

VISIONEntrepreneurial setting….lot of energy, optimism, and upside potential. Company has over 50 employees and will top the $100M in revenues within next 18 months. New role due to growth. Looking for upside potential and a contributor who can communicate with non-financial teams (e.g. sales, operations, product development) and is willing to provide accounting and financial analysis support in a variety of areas.

Research & Development Director, New Haven, CT

VISIONCenter stage role within an emerging healthcare products manufacturer that targets physicians, major retailers, and spas. Report to retiring R&D Director….ideal for someone with hands-on leadership skills, upside potential, and product ingenuity and development experience who is coming from a prescription or OTC FA-approved products setting (e.g. cosmetics, creams, emulsions, exfoliators, gels, lotions, lubricants, moisturizers, ointments or related products.

Quality Manager, New Haven, CT

VISION: Reporting to the President, the Quality Leader will be empowered to champion a Culture of Quality through partnerships with customers and the embrace of all employees.  This is a multi-site business with extremely quality-focused customers that requires a hands-on Quality Leader who is a problem solver and excellent communicator, bringing all resources to bear in solving complex issues.  Lead a talented team in the ongoing development and execution of quality strategy and the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Sales Engineer Manager, Branford, CT

VISION: Privately-held, manufacturer completed a merger in 2018 and now is looking to grow 3X in the next 5 years organically and inorganically.  The owner has committed to build a local, state-of-the-art facility locally, breaking ground in 2019. Company has a Revenue/Employee ratio close to $1 million per employee.  Company recently added 3 new critical roles to support growth.  Company has recently installed 2 new business applications with an ERP upgrade slated for 2019.  

Latin American Commercial Lender, Hartford, CT

VISION: Executive team is extremely established in this marketplace. This is a high-touch, direct access model that focuses on customers with annual sales between $10 and $100 million ("Middle Market") and a focus on cross-border investment. This is an entrepreneurial setting, so need someone that can be hands-on and likes to collaborate.

  • Join a global commercial bank with over $200 million in lending assets
  • Average loan duration is between 8 to 10 years and the portfolio has strong loan performance (risk adjusted returns)
  • The company will be moving to larger space and will increase headcount by 20% in 2019 to support growth
  • This is a performance management driven culture with robust incentive programs
  • Gain expertise across 9 key sectors and multiple global markets
  • Work directly with the Government of Mexico


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Philip Pearlman Retires!

Friday, January 4, 2019  by julie


After 20+ years of partnering with clients and assisting hundres of candidates to advance their careers, B&B team leader Philip Pearlman has retired. No doubt he will enjoy his well-earned retirement as an avid gardener, music enthusiast, and travel the world with his wife. The team will miss his sense of humor around the office and we wish him happiness and health going forward!

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Congratulations to Ed Bradstreet!

Friday, December 21, 2018  by julie


2018 has been a great year for the B&B team with goals surpassed including a record setting year for company founder Ed Bradstreet who just achieved $1,000,000 in revenues this week! Other highlights include being named on 2018 Forbes Best List for Recruiting and Executive Search. acquiring 15 new client partnerships, and anniversary milestones including the 30 year mark for Office Manager Julie Briggs. The B&B team is looking forward to carrying this tremendous success into 2019!

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Year End Career Evaluation

Friday, December 7, 2018  by julie


At the end of the year, you should evaluate contributions made, skills developed, knowledge gained, and career options. Many career driven professionals create scorecards that can support career planning, measure personal development, and identify opportunities for improvement. Being aware of career options, whether with current employer or externally, is more prevalent as the economy moves forward and the need for talent increases.

Here are a few key factors to consider:

Business Model: Do you align well with the business? There are a lot of business models and as companies mature, models change and evolve. Many vertical manufacturers now outsource segments of manufacturing, therefore have moved from production to more of an assembly and supply chain model. Companies that were more R&D focused have become commercialized; others have become more decentralized, matrixed or global. Validate that your knowledge and skills align well with current business model and pending changes. Talent needs to adjust and contribute to move forward and achieve career aspirations.

Culture: Do you align with the existing culture? There are multiple obstacles in life and being employed in a culture that encourages and supports your development is critical for career progression. Leadership: Since 2007, many businesses have had significant change in leadership due to ups and downs in the economy, acquisitions, retirements, reorganizations, technology shifts, and markets served. Regardless of size and type of business, leadership needs to be measured and is second in importance for career development behind culture and engagement.

Value of Function: Not all functions are valued the same in every company. Is the value of your function and role aligned to your career goals? Functions (e.g. engineering, marketing, quality) fall into three categories: strategic, tactical, or required. Strategic is influencing the current business model and future events. Tactical is supporting current operations as well as evolution and change. Required is supportive, protective, and necessary but rarely value adding. Some companies view IT as a strategic component while others view IT as a required resource or a process for tactical delivery.

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Measuring Leadership During 4th Quarter

Friday, November 16, 2018  by julie


The 4th quarter is when the yearlong numbers become real and leadership becomes accountable. It is the quarter that has the most expense cuts and reductions in employment. 4th quarter is when annual planning is completed, leadership is measured, and talent deployment is strategized for the upcoming year. It is the quarter for decisions to ensure the next year will meet or exceed expectations. The pressure on leadership is increasing due to retirements and job changes, but the majority is forced resignations due to inability to meet expectations and move the company forward successfully in this competitive global economy. Not everyone is a natural leader and the lure to increase visibility, gain power, and be rewarded is enticing and a confidence builder. The most common reasons why leaders fail are: (1) become self­serving and do not support their team; (2) will not delegate tasks to develop learning (become stressed out with work overload and create turnover of staff); (3) stop directing people forward; (4) become too political or arrogant; (5) become resistant to change and cannot adapt their style to a new environment (more reactive than proactive); and/or (6) do not communicate well with external and internal stakeholders. The challenge for most organizations is how do you go about finding the right leader for the right job at the right time? This requires planning and setting realistic expectations. First step is to define the search criteria. Sounds simple; however, B & B has found that 70+% of all exempt searches are altered from initial scope because hiring authorities are too inwardly focused and subconsciously not aligned with the goals of the role and the needs of the Job opportunities business. B & B partners with clients to create a complete and detailed description of core responsibilities, definition of opportunities to contribute, reporting structure, resources, client/candidate expectations, hard and soft skill requirements, and compensation. Before starting the search we want to make sure all parties have strategically evaluated the search and defined the interview process. The second step is to determine specific examples of workplace behavior and experiences that candidates should possess. B & B partners with clients to define and assess the technical and soft skills, knowledge, and business experience required for hiring talent. B & B will assist in creating a search scorecard to align all the decision makers, ensure the evaluation and selection process, and facilitate hiring to secure the right talent.

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