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Build Your Network

Friday, November 10, 2023  by Bailey

4th Quarter is a great time to consider building up your network to get connected. Staying ahead of the competition for acquiring talent is a real objective and many companies are outsourcing their recruiting to professional consultants in order to better tap into the talent pool. Networking and cultivating business relationships in an authentic way is the key to success for 2024. With a vast network of top talent in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Engineering, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations, Sales,  and Supply Chain, the B&B team is a powerful ally in the quest to hire the best!

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Recent Testimonials

Friday, October 27, 2023  by Bailey


“Amy Lemon was such a great help throughout my entire interview process!  From the time she initially reached out to me to the offer stage, the whole process was positive, professional, and I was well-informed throughout.  Amy was able to clearly articulate the open role, the company background, and answer any pertinent questions that I had.  Throughout each step of the interview process, she also served as a great mentor and ensured that I was prepped for each meeting.  Many thanks to Amy for guiding me to this amazing next step in my career!”

"My extensive job search for the right role was successful after meeting Ed Bradstreet. He was very thorough to ensure that there was a strong fit throughout the process. His knowledge of the employer and time spent getting to know me provided insightful guidance for each interview step and all the way through to a positive employment negotiation. Thank you, Ed -- your professional expertise and genuine desire to help gave me the needed confidence to get this done!"

“Amy was great at finding me a position that matched well with my background. She kept me updated throughout the process and helped me with the communication with the employer. I cannot thank her enough for finding such a great opportunity for me.”

"Tami at Bohan & Bradstreet is the most helpful recruiter I have ever worked with. In our conversations I never felt like I was being rushed off the phone like with other recruiters, and she actively listened to the answers I gave to her questions. Using that information, she selected companies that matched my values as an employee and a person for me to interview at, and provided me with helpful insights into those companies so that I could perform well in the interviews. I would highly recommend Tami and Bohan & Bradstreet to anyone looking to make a job change."

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August & September Placements

Friday, October 6, 2023  by Bailey

The B&B team has seen robust hiring across all genres. Our clients are always confidential and we are building new relationships, as well as, mantaining partnerships that span decades. Here is a list of successfully completed searches in recent months:

Director of Services, Technology Corporation

Corporate Counsel, Healthcare Organization

Payroll Manager, Transportation Company

Quality Systems Manager, Consumer Products Corporations

Senior Accountant, CPA Firm

Corporate Controller, Consumer Products Company

Quality Manager, Manufacturing Company

Controller, Services Company

VP/General Manager, Processing Operation Company

HR Manager/HRBP, Global CPG Leader

Audit Senior to Manager, CPA Firm

Lead Project Engineer, Manufacturing Company

VP, Corporate Controller, Manufacturing Company

Customer Audit Manager, Manufacturing Company

Human Resources Director, Manufacturing Leader

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How We Do What We Do

Friday, September 22, 2023  by Bailey

The Bohan & Bradstreet Approach:

Phase 1: 

Researching the Marketplace

The B&B team performs a detailed analysis of competitors, aligned organizations, and marketplace to develop sources for candidates. Candidates are originated from a variety of proactive and passive resources (i.e., direct/indirect recruiting, networking, existing database of candidates, professional associations, recruiting partners).

Identification & Evaluation of Talent

First, we identify and qualify the right candidates to invest in evaluating. This initial probe centers on career history and progression, appropriateness of experience, education, compensation, reasons for seeking new employment, status and parameters of candidate’s availability and aspirations. If that effort is successful, the second phase is an in-depth interview of career with the accent on responsibilities and contributions over the last 8-10 years. The third part is the evaluation of soft skills and determination of the appropriateness to the search (i.e. leadership, organization, multi-tasking, prioritizing, problem solving, level of patience, project management, eye for detail and follow through, communications). B&B goes beyond the paper and just matching the search criteria to the resume. We assess the cultural fit and the future compatibility.

 Phase 2:

 Client Presentation

Each Client is different and we attempt to accommodate the format that the specific Client wants. Most typical after completing the evaluation process, we provide a current profile of each candidate accompanied by additional insight gained during the interview process. This commonly is a combination of on-target knowledge and experience, appropriate accomplishments, parallels between past history and Client’s opportunity, career motivators, reasons for change, personality traits, compensation history, and availability.

Phase 3:

Interview Logistics & Feedback

To expedite and facilitate the search process, B&B coordinates the logistics of the interviews with all parties. Everybody needs feedback; both positive and negative. Being the catalyst and coordinator, B&B provides meaningful commentary and observations from all parties and facilitates the interview process to take advantage of interest, clarify perceptions, identify omissions and/or concerns, revisit timing issues, and other potential hurdles.

Phase 4:

References & Background Checks

Some companies like to do their own references; however, the vast majority of our Clients prefer that we do all or most of them. Our references are customized to the needs of the Client that we serve and are unique for each candidate. We contact superiors, peers, subordinates and external customers. We provide a paraphrased synopsis of our findings and present that with all the appropriate contact information in case the Client would like to ask additional questions.

 Final Negotiations

If the expectations of all parties are managed effectively, then the result is a successful negotiation and acceptance.  Clients are comparing various candidates for their needs and attempting to establish fair value for talent selected. Candidates are comparing current employment with external alternatives and attempting to establish acceptable value. Every Client and candidate is unique. B&B provides insight of impressions and expectations, openly discusses the evaluation, brings clarity to any open issues, and partners with both parties on final negotiations and start date.

 After the Acceptance

B&B stays in communication with all parties before the new employee starts, after new employment begins, and throughout the candidate's career.  We are here to add value and insight as part of a long-term relationship. Part of our success is due to the interest we have in the development of candidates’ careers within the client companies we serve.

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We Will Never Forget

Monday, September 11, 2023  by Bailey

Bohan & Bradstreet was started in 1987 and 5 members of the current team were in the B&B office when the tragedy of 9/11/01 occurred.

We will never forget that day and will always carry the lives lost in our hearts.

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