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Testimonial Financial Services

Thursday, November 5, 2015  by julie

Another great testimonial!

"I had a great experience with Bohan & Bradstreet.  B&B was a true asset to me during the entire process from the beginning with resume suggestions to the end with the negotiation of the final terms.  B&B was completely upfront during the process and had me prepared for each step.  They had great insight into the personalities of the executives with whom I met allowing me to effectively prepare for each meeting.  Thanks again for all the help."

CFO, Financial Services

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CFO, Global Manufacturer Testimonial

Wednesday, October 28, 2015  by julie

"The professionals at Bohan and Bradstreet were excellent to work with, very supportive throughout the recruitment process. What stood out to me most during this process was how prepared I felt going into each phase of the interview visit. Prior to each company visit, I had a preparatory call with my recruiter as well as a detailed spec. on each of my interviewees. This process was most helpful as I very much felt like I had "one leg up" prior to each interview. It provided me with a great sense of ease and comfort. This sense of "preparedness" certainly must have been visible to the company as well since I was selected as the candidate during a very competitive search. Thanks, Bohan and Bradstreet!"

CFO, Global Manufacturer

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Meet Amy Lemon

Tuesday, October 20, 2015  by julie

Amy is one of our top consultants and has been with B&B for 10 years.  

She supports general/executive management, sales/business development, marketing and operations searches nationally across product and service companies.  

Did you know.....Amy is really smart (double IVY - Yale & Harvard), but so down to earth and easy to talk to! Amy and her family are soccer (football for those purists out there) enthusiasts.

Please introduce yourself to Amy and say hi! Click here to read more about her.

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The B&B Difference - Case Study

Thursday, October 15, 2015  by julie

A Partner in a Connecticut based law firm contacted B&B regarding a challenge in a privately-held business. The CEO of the niche manufacturer was experiencing rising revenues but decreasing profitability due to quality and productivity issues that were increasing expenses and impacting on time delivery. 

B&B met with the President to learn about the history and evolution of the business, current organization structure, and the order management and production flow process. B&B asked a lot of questions that provided insight on procurement of commodity based materials, product development, quality issues, run rates, manufacturing capacity, open orders on the floor, bottlenecks, grading of leadership, systems integrity, metrics management, impact on margins, expectations of key customers, supply chain, culture, demand planning, S&OP, and so forth.

Business model had changed since the down turn in the economy but current leadership for manufacturing and supply chain had not adjusted to those changes. Quality issues were directly associated with production and demand planning inefficiencies. Revenues were growing but business valuation was suffering and profits were declining. B&B recommended a change in leadership for a new Director of Operations and was engaged. B&B partnered with the CEO to define criteria, short term goals of the role and the evaluation process. B&B researched, evaluated, and presented four candidates that met all the criteria and partnered with the CEO on the selection process. Total search process took 28 business days. New Manufacturing Director was able to streamline productivity, eliminate nagging quality issues, and improve on-time deliveries to 97% within a six month period.

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Junior Achievement Breakfast

Tuesday, October 13, 2015  by julie

 We are a sponsor for the Junior Achievement 6th annual Partners in Achievement breakfast in New Haven, CT on Friday Noveber 13th at The New Haven Lawn Club.
Join us for a wonderful networking event!

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