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Working With a B&B Recruiter: Candidate Perspective

Monday, January 25, 2021  by Bailey

To capture the candidate experience when working with the Bohan & Bradstreet team, we turn to their testimonials. Here are a few: 

Edward B. Bradstreet, CPC:

“My experience with Ed was the best experience with a recruiter I’ve ever had in my career. Through working with Ed, I was extremely prepared for the interviews. I received detailed background information on the company that helped in the interview process and helped me determine if the company was a good match for my personal desires and interests. The salary negotiations were painless because of the help I received in determining my fair value. The overall process, though long and thorough, was smooth and seamless. I would definitely recommend working with Bohan & Bradstreet!”

Bo Bradstreet:

“I wanted to thank Bo very much for all of his assistance and support he provided to me in obtaining my new role. Bohan and Bradstreet is a premier firm in the recruiting space. They spend a significant amount of time with the candidate, understanding their aspirations, strengths and opportunities. The recruiting team also works very hard to educate the candidate on the client, and the potential role. I think what sets Bohan and Bradstreet apart from their competition, is their sincerity in making sure that the client is truly getting a candidate that would be optimum for their needs, as opposed to just ‘filling’ the role. I highly recommend them for all your talent needs.”

Tami M. LaPlante:

“Tami at Bohan & Bradstreet was great through the entire job seeking process. She had an interview set up for me within days of telling her I was ready to move on from the company I was at. The packet she provided before my meeting had a ton of information so I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. We also spoke on the phone before the interview itself where she gave me suggestions on what to ask and let me know what to expect from the manager I would be speaking with. All of this was great because didn’t feel blind going in, I already had a solid idea of the company was looking for. The call before really helped settle my nerves, and then the interview went great. Tami was right, I felt like I would fit in fantastically with this team. After, Tami again took care of everything for me. She spoke with HR rep for me and by the next week I had an outstanding offer. I didn’t have to negotiate, the offer was exactly what I had hoped for. I am very excited to start my next chapter in my career. Honestly, I cannot thank Tami enough for her help and guidance! ”

Amy L. Lemon, CPC,PHR:

 “I wish to express a sincere thank you to Amy for all of her efforts on my behalf. It is obvious that her assistance was paramount in facilitating my job offer. The entire interview process was flawless and her in-depth knowledge of the position was spot-on: compensation, benefits, company history, and culture. Without a doubt I would recommend others to her and the company. I couldn't be more thankful and excited for what the future at my new company holds!”

Victoria M. Pallotto, CPC:

“My experience working with Bohan & Bradstreet has been unlike any recruiting experience I’ve ever had. Where others don’t take the time to review your resume in depth, Bohan and Bradstreet worked extra to tailor my resume based on my strengths for every interview they set me up on. Not only did I have constant communication with Vicki, but she spent hours reviewing all companies, preparing me for interviews, and ensuring she set me up to be the best version of myself. With the help of her, I was able to land a wonderful new job, even during the turbulent climate during the Covid-19 pandemic. The effort put in on their behalf was very much appreciated, and I would recommend working with her for any and all recruiting needs.”


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Career Leaps and Bounds

Monday, January 11, 2021  by Bailey

New beginnings can often be a leap of faith. When it comes to your career, making a change can be daunting. With a partnership with a B&B recruiter, your leap will land you solidly within a place that will embrace and reward all that you have to offer. Our team looks beyond the resume to thoroughly understand what motivates you, how you can add value, and where you see yourself in the long term. If you target one of our opportunities, we will ensure you put your best foot forward from initial presentation to interview process to offer facilitation.

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Happy New Year!

Monday, January 4, 2021  by Bailey

B&B has many new opportunities for a fresh start within your career. Here are a few:
1. Senior Chemist, Simsbury, CT
2. Electromechanical Test Engineer, Litchfield, CT
3. Credit Manager/Director, Wallingford, CT
4. Senior Tax Accountant, West Hartford, CT
5. Sales Manager, La Grange, Kentucky
6. Technical Sales Specialist, St. Louis, Missouri
7. Director, Global Innovation, New Haven, CT
8. Division Controller, North Haven, CT
9. Product Development Engineer, Westbrook, CT
10. Director Manager Financial Planning & Analysis, Hamden, CT
11. Human Resources Generalist, Torrington, CT
12. Mechanical Engineer, Southbury, CT
13. Cost Accounting Supervisor, Naugatuck, CT
14. Manufacturing Supervisor, Torrington, CT
15. Sales Accounting Manager, Stamford, CT
16. IT Director, Cromwell, CT

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2020 Placement List

Monday, December 28, 2020  by Bailey

2020 Completed Searches:

Assistant Branch Manager, Regional Bank

Audit Senior/Manager, National CPA Firm

Accounting Manager, Real Estate Financing Company

Business Branch Manager, Regional Bank

Business Intelligence Manager, Consumer Products

Business Development Leader, Pharmaceuticals

Chief Accounting Officer, Capital Equipment Industry

CEO, Division State Of Connecticut

CEO, Leading Non-Profit

Controller, PE Funded Healthcare Service

Corporate Controller, Medical Services Organization

Corporate Controller, Medical Instrumentation Industry

Corporate Controller, Defense Aerospace Manufacturer

Corporate Controller, PE Funded Building Services

Digital Marketing Director, OTC Products Manufacturer

Electromechanical Technician, Packaging

Facilities Manager, Global Bank

Finance Director, Emerging Fintech

Financial Accounting Manager, Investment Software Company

Financial Operations Analyst, Hospital

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Defense Contractor

Financial Reporting Director, Energy Development

Global Process Engineering Manager, Specialty Chemical Industry

Global Product Manager, Medical Products Manufacturer

Human Resources Business Partner, Global Bank

Human Resources Director, PE Funded Environment Services

IT Director, Biotechnology

Management Consultant, National Business Advisory Firm

Manufacturing Director, Injection Molder

Marketing Director, PE Backed B2C Service

M&A Manager, Construction

National Sales Training Manager, Medical Products

Payroll Manager, Higher Education

Project Manager, Global Engineered Products Manufacturer

Quality Manager, Medical Products Industry

Quality Director, Family-Owned Packaging Manufacturer

Regional Sales Manager, Virtualization Equipment Industry

Sales Director, Nutritional Products Industry

SEC Reporting Manager, Capital Equipment Manufacturer

Supply Chain Director, Natural Resources Industry

Supply Chain Manager, VC Backed Injection Molder

Tax Manager, CPA Firm

Transfer Pricing Manager, Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer

VP, Human Resources, Consumer Products Industry

VP Finance & Administration, PE Backed B2C Services

VP Finance, PE Funded Capital Equipment Industry


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Year in Review

Friday, December 11, 2020  by Bailey

Reflections on a Unique Year

Bohan & Bradstreet is thankful for the successful partnerships fostered and maintained throughout a challenging year. Since launching B&B in 1987, our team maintains a sense of consistency in our support of companies that feel the ebb and flow of varying markets and we pride ourselves in our ability to target personnel that will go the distance. We are appreciative of the recognition by Forbes as one of America’s Best Recruiting Firms for that past three years and we are confident that our services will continue to be above and beyond in 2021.

Despite Covid, 2020 was going to be a challenging year due to the fires in the West Coast, hurricanes in the South, and an exasperated political contest at local, state, and federal levels. As we entered 2020, the economy was humming, the stock market was up, and then the wild card happened. Covid impacted all of us in some way whether illness, economics, supply chain, socialization, and/or other.

At B&B we had a strong 1st quarter and then the brakes were put on the economy as everyone tried to measure the short and long term effects of Covid on personal and business lives. Q2 and Q3 were tempered by Covid and then in late Q3 we were slammed with new searches as companies started planning for 2021.

We have a diversified client base that ranges from services to products, from emerging to global, and from privately-held to publicly traded. Clients that grew in 2020 were in beverages, biotechnology, building services, defense, healthcare services, medical products, packaging, personal care, pharmaceuticals, private equity, and residential banking. Clients that were dormant and/or dented were automotive suppliers, commercial aerospace manufacturers, commercial banking, entertainment, luxury products, oil & gas, and transportation.

There is always a reason why a client searches for new talent. In a typical year it is additions due to growth (15%), back fills due to employee leaving (20%), confidential replacements (20%), promotions (20%), retirements (15%) and strategic hires (10%). In 2020 the landscape changed to additions due to growth (10%), back fills due to employee leaving (15%), confidential replacements (35%), promotions (15%), retirements (20%) and strategic hires (5%). Key reasons were stronger scrutiny of business model and organizational structure led to employee upgrades, realignment of personnel, and virtualization.



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