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Professional Relationships

Monday, March 11, 2019  by Bailey


According to Linkedin:

  • The #1 way people discover a new job is through a referral
  • The #1 reason people change jobs is career opportunity
  • Companies can expand their talent pool by 10x by recruiting through their employees’ networks.


Networking is not about quantity. Useful networks are a culmination of building strong relationships. The vast majority of placed candidates are not actively seeking new employment but most are willing to listen when it comes to new opportunity that aligns with their career path. Maintaining a strong network also benefits companies because the give and take occurring within the network can lead to new business leads and broaden the scope of potential partnerships. Since 1987, Bohan & Bradstreet has cultivated a vast network through business gatherings with leaders in varous companies and strong relationships with talented candidates. Networking has consistently yielded a high level of success for B&B, our clients and our candidates. 

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The Battle For Talent

Wednesday, March 6, 2019  by Bailey

Talent is best defined as gifted and high quality employees with the natural ability to excel at a duty or action. As positive differentiators, talent ranges from 3% to 15% in the vast majority of companies, regardless of size. The momentum of organic growth, reemergence of the IPO, creation of new products, push on completing acquisitions, attractiveness and availability of inexpensive money, and expansion of international markets have all contributed to the increasing need for talent. So why will talent leave? One reason is not being challenged; therefore feeling undervalued or appreciated. Talent is passionate about making a difference and if not challenged and empowered, will be encouraged to take their passion elsewhere. Talent is wired to improve and add value. They are built to change and innovate. Talent has good ideas, insights, and observations. If you don't listen to them, someone else will. Another reason is lack of respect for leadership. Talent wants to contribute and leadership needs to give them a voice and increase their responsibilities. Leaders don't take credit, they give it. Failure to inspire and recognize talent is another way of asking them to leave. Businesses do not fail, leadership fails. Success is most often based on strong leadership and the ability to attract, manage, motivate and retain the talent needed to move the business forward. To retain talent, leadership needs to challenge, engage, and value these key employees. Talent needs to be rewarded emotionally, intellectually & financially. Empowering leadership and stimulated talent breeds success.

The B&B team strives to source top talent for our clients. Our sustained success in bringing the best people to the table is evident in our client's growth and profitability.

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Opportunity Knocking

Monday, March 4, 2019  by Bailey


Three B&B candidates chose to open the door when opportunity came knocking and will begin the next step in their careers today. Congratulations to all!

1) Production Supervisor for a multi-site operation that has expanded to serve global Fortune 500 OEMs and has short and long term multi-year contracts in place. Innovation, creativity, and adaptability are three characteristics that key customers use to describe this manufacturer of leading technology products.

2) Project Manager for a global business and industry leader that manufacturers and markets engineered construction solutions for a variety of industries.  This is a profitable, well-known business with an excellent reputation for quality and service, pursuing additional growth and entry into new markets.

3) Controller for an established business with revenues in the $3-4M range that will be expanding their consumer product offering and has expectations of doubling revenues in next two years. The company develops and markets healthcare products sold multi-state via pharmacy and grocery chains, retailers, Amazon and in the near future Wal-Mart.

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Shortest Month Showed Record Hiring

Friday, March 1, 2019  by Bailey

February was an excellent month with many searches set to completion. Here are the positions successfully filled:

1)      Microbiologist within an emerging healthcare products manufacturer sold by physicians, major retailers, and spas. (CT)

2)      Controller for an entrepreneurial company that develops and markets healthcare products sold multi-state via pharmacy and grocery chains, retailers, Amazon and in the near future Wal-Mart. (FL)

3)      VP, Assistant Controller for a leading $500M+ consumer products provider known for high quality products fostering great brand recognition. (CT)

4)      Project Manager  for a global business and industry leader that manufacturers and markets engineered construction solutions for a variety of industries. (CT)

5)      Financial Analyst for anacquisition orientedbusiness that is expanding its financial planning & analysis team and has an established history of developing, mentoring and promoting internally.(CT)

6)      Director, Financial Planning & Analysis for a multi-divisional organization with a very strong balance sheet, and sizable, re-occurring revenues due to multi-year contracts. (CT)

7)      Private Banking team consisting of 2 B&B candidates for a global private bank that has grown assets, deposits and fee income double digits annually and organically over the last several years. (NY)

8)      Associate Director of Research for anational healthcare organization with high profile partnerships and consistent expansionary successes. (CT)

9)      Vice President, Operations for a privately-held manufacturer that develops engineered products for aerospace, medical, and OEM markets, domestically and internationally. (CT)

10)   Production Supervisor within a multi-site operation that has expanded to serve global Fortune 500 OEMs and has short and long term multi-year contracts in place. (CT)

11)   Service Manager for a privately-held, manufacturer that completed a merger in 2018 and is looking to grow 3X in the next 5 years organically and inorganically beginning with building a state-of-the-art facility in 2019. (CT)

12)   Finance Director for a PE owned roll up that has acquired 20+ businesses in USA since 2016. The company is formalizing infrastructure to support doubling revenues and locations by end of 2020. (NJ)

13)   Regional Sales Manager for a$200M manufacturing subsidiary of a $5B+ NYSE global leader.  Business is growing and profitable and will continue through expansion of global markets, new products, and prudent acquisitions! (CT)

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Exciting Opportunity!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019  by Bailey

FInancial Project Leader - West Hartford, CT

Global business has doubled revenues since 2015. Be part of North American team that is implementing new ERP solution with CRM and BI. This is a sales & service business model with over 75 field locations and expanding organically and through acquisitions. New role reporting to Director level. Seek a highly collaborative personality who can motivate change and adoption of new technology with leadership. As part of the financial and accounting systems implementation team, standardize processes and improve flow of information, productivity, and quality. Support delivery team for the data conversion and migration from legacy ERP to the future solution. This role will support configuration, testing and implementation of the overall global solution. Here is an overview:

  • Attend project management meeting and provide project updates
  • Team with 3rd party consultants and subject matter experts on best practices
  • Manage your workstream team; keep all parties current on goals, work-in-process and milestones
  • Validate global design and identify gaps in systems or processes
  • Identify opportunities to optimize workflow for productivity, cost savings, and accuracy
  • Support end users once systems are live
  • Document gaps, risks, and weekly status reports. Partner on creating training materials.
  • Develop data migration requirements and governance
  • Create test scenarios and perform test transactions
  • Collaborate on cross functional applications.

BS Accounting or Finance is required.. Seek 4+ years of business experience that includes implementation of financial and/or accounting systems via ERP platform (e.g. Eclipse, IFS, JDE, Oracle, and SAP). Plus is in depth knowledge of G/L reconciliations, month end closing, taxes, and fixed assets.

Contact Ed Bradstreet at for more details.

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