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New Career Opportunities at Bohan and Bradstreet

Wednesday, April 1, 2015  by julie

The start of a new month is here! Most companies have now wrapped up the first quarter in 2015 and have paid out their 2014 bonuses as well as gone through the merit process. The snow is finally gone and dare we say spring may actually be on it's way. With spring comes new beginnings. Is it time to start exploring new career opportunities? Are you ready for a change or know of someone in your network who is? 

Click here to see our latest career opportunities. 

Keep in mind that we only market 50% of the jobs we represent on our website. If you are looking for a change please send us an updated resume for existing and future opportunities by clicking here.

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February Placements 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015  by julie

Come see all our February placements. We had a great month and look forward to continuing to fill our available opportunitites with top talent in some of the best companies.

Human Resources Director within a Global consumer products company growing through new product innovation, strong customer relationships, and acquisitions. Salary is $140,000 plus 20% bonus and $15K sign on.

Production Planner within a $300+M, private equity infused, global manufacturer in Connecticut. Salary is $75,000.

Controller within an expanding, multi-plant manufacturer located in Massachusetts. Salary is $135,000 plus 10% bonus.

Credit Officer within a global bank in New York City. Salary is $140,000 plus bonus.

Site Controller within a Strategic manufacturing center in Pennsylvania.  Salary is $132,000 plus 15% target bonus and a sign on bonus.

Accountant within a regional CPA firm in Connecticut.  Salary is $90,000.

General Manager within expanding multi-plant manufacturing setting in Connecticut.  Salary is $160,000.

Director of Manufacturing Engineering within a global company with a rapidly expanding product line that targets OEM. Salary is $130,000 + $10,000 sign on bonus.

Director Human Resources within a Global high tech consumer products manufacturer and distributor in Connecticut.  Salary is $126,000.

Tax Manager within a Regional CPA firm located in Connecticut.  Salary is $110,000.

VP Finance within a Established, profitable and expanding multi-plant manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $135,000.

Sales Engineer within a global industrial manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $75,000 plus commissions.

Controller within a Decentralized manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $120,000.

Staff Accountant within a leading manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $62,000 plus bonus and stock option eligible.

Controller within a medical products manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $120,00 plus bonus.


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Become a Thought Leader

Wednesday, March 18, 2015  by julie

Have you ever considered your own brand storytelling as an Executive Thought Leader and the compelling narrative you tell about yourself?

In todays executive job market being a thought leader is a desirable trait. Professionals discovered long ago that your personal brand must have a narrative and a story in order to remain relevant in your industry. You can no longer just identify an area of expertise or define your executive role with a label because you just won't stand out. What set's you apart, what projects have you driven that have had that out of the box thinking mentality? You should always write, speak and actively stay visable and offer thought-provoking material. This ensures that you stay on top of industry trends and become a visible thought leader.

We have found the same holds true for companies looking for executive leaders. It is not enough to just identify the kind of company you are, you have to offer a narrative and clearly define how you stand out from the competition. This is what attracts the best thought leaders and executives. We are now in a digital age where content is just as important as social, personal branding amongst executives and employees, and how to convey a companies personality to consumers. Consumers in large make desisions on how they feel. They gain these feelings from companies based on the stories and the brand identities they portray. Think about Apple and the compelling brand stories they have created and communicated to their consumers.

Consumers will now be looking even more to branded content. How will you as an executive become a thought leader and drive your company to tell a narrative that will resonate with your target audience?

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Top Resume Killers

Tuesday, February 24, 2015  by julie

Job Specialization:  Taking on job titles and responsibilities that are industry specific and not transferable to other companies.

Staying With A Company Too Long:  Remaining with an employer for an extended period of time may suggest that you fear change and prefer a familiar environment.  The exception is receiving numerous promotions during that tenure.

Lack Of Career Progression:  Remaining at a specific career level for a protracted period is a definite career killer.  It suggests a failure to perform and earn a promotion.

Job Hopping:  Job hopping is probably the number 1 career killer.  As a general rule, you should average 3 to 5 years at each position.  If you are a victim of layoffs after a short tenure, a prospective employer will look at your entire work history and usually ignore a single exception.

Jack Of All Trades, Master of None:  A work history that includes experience in multiple disciplines (sales, purchasing, logistics, IT, marketing and customer service) can indicate a person without career direction and depth of expertise. 

Staying In One Industry Too Long:  This can be problematic, especially if your industry is facing a rapid decline and your skills are not transferable.

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New Jobs February 18th

Wednesday, February 18, 2015  by julie

We are busy here at Bohan and Bradstreet this week! Come see all our new job opportunities.

Plant Financial Analyst; ID 11791
Location/City: CT - Milford
Salary Range: 70000.00 - 95000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Opening due to a promotion! Come see this great opportunity, click here.

Senior Electrical Engineer; ID 11792
Location/City: DE - Dover
Salary Range: 80000.00 - 120000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Report to a Senior Engineering Manager. Provide electrical engineering expertise in a high volume manufacturing environment. Great benefits and upside potential. Click here to apply.

Senior Project Engineering Manager; ID 11793
Location/City: VA - Richmond
Salary Range: 110000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD
Looking for a Sr. Project Engineering Manager who can effectively manage multiple design and development projects. Relocation package available! Check out this opportunity here.

Senior Process Engineer; ID 11794
Location/City: DE - Dover

Salary Range: 80000.00 - 100000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Provide ongoing process engineering expertise to a high speed manufacturing operation. Salary $80,000-$100,000 plus excellent benefits. Click here to apply.

Business Analyst; ID 11798
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 80000.00 - 120000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Possibly stock options for the perfect fit - click here to see this wonderful opportunity.

Software Developer; ID 11799
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 60000.00 - 120000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Looking for the smartest and brightest software developers to engineer and innovate the next-gen technologies for financial services sector. Click here to apply.

Technical Director – D7 Products; ID 11800
Location/City: CT - Bristol
Salary Range: 100000.00 - 140000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Seeking a proactive civil engineer or architect with upside capabilities, business acumen, can-do attitude, and natural leadership abilities. Does this sound like you? Come apply here.

Production Supervisor; ID 11796
Location/City: DE - Dover
Salary Range: 65000.00 - 75000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Lead and develop a team of production operators on third shift to meet company goals. Apply here. 

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer; ID 11797
Location/City: DE - Dover
Salary Range: 80000.00 - 100000.00 per year (USD Permanent
Develop strategies and action plans to implement solutions. Relocation packages available! Click here to apply. 

Sr. Reliability Engineer; ID 11795
Location/City: DE - Dover
Salary Range: 80000.00 - 100000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Take a proactive approach to reducing downtime and optimizing productivity. Collaborate with engineering to design reliability into new equipment. Click here to apply.

Sr. Electrical Engineer; ID 11803
Location/City: CT - Milford
Salary Range: 75000.00 - 90000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Participate in developing process driven continuous improvement. Come see this opportunity here.

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