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[Case Study] The B & B Difference

Tuesday, October 6, 2015  by julie

The business model for a Connecticut OEM had shifted from a vertical manufacturer to more reliance on contract manufacturing with a more demanding supply chain element. Information technology was underutilized and dated.

CEO and CFO initiated a call to B&B to potentially recruit a Project Manager to work for the IT Director. B&B led discussions with the executive team, including the IT Director, to best understand recent evolution, organization structure, business model, personnel, current processes, needs, challenges, and goals. The conversation was interactive, candid and open. The Company viewed IT as under producing rather than as a strategic resource to partner on business evolution.

B&B was offered the exclusive to search for a Systems Manager and turned it down. B&B reached out to the CEO and made the recommendation that the biggest road block to success was the IT Director and if IT was to be a true business partner, then new leadership was required. B&B was engaged; established a search process with milestones of delivery; identified and introduced four highly qualified candidates; and had a new IT Director aboard within 90 days.

The end result is a more interactive IT function that is providing real time data to both internal and external customers. That is the B & B way.

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Hiring New Leadership That Will Make a Difference

Tuesday, September 29, 2015  by julie

All businesses have challenges and many get stagnated by long term or unaligned executives that resist change and evolution (e.g. technology, best practices, global opportunities). People are the backbone of all businesses and the influencers of how successful a business is. Promoting from within is important but all companies need to bring in a balance of external leadership to move the business forward. Evaluating talent and securing the best solution for the business is an art form and a challenge for most. Bohan & Bradstreet has a history of partnering with leadership to secure solutions for businesses of all sizes and models. 

Here are a few of the key elements that B&B evaluates:
(1) examples that illustrate change management skills and the ability to influence and persuade others;
(2) measurement that show resilience to negative emotional encounters that often become barriers to change;
(3) the embracing of new ideas that changed their way of thinking;
(4) the willingness to challenge practices and processes that may be dated or inefficient, thereby stagnating growth and evolution; (5) the ability to deal with uncertainty that impact a company at any time; and
(6) the awareness of how to introduce change and evolution in the most productive and beneficial way.

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Culture’s Influence on the Business

Tuesday, September 22, 2015  by julie

Over the years there have been a lot of studies on how culture impacts a business. Can culture drive growth and profit? Does the culture reflect the tenants that drive a business? All of this is interesting especially when over 60% of employees are NOT actively engaged in their work and emotionally disconnected from the culture and current business operations.

If asked most employees feel that the culture in their current employer needs to be reviewed and altered. Culture is molded and influenced by leadership and the best way to start is to communicate and reinforce the company’s values, vision and mission repeatedly and as widely as possible. Additionally, leadership has to be a role model and an organization chart and reward system needs to be in place to support the culture. 

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Retaining Talent

Thursday, September 17, 2015  by julie

To avoid turnover and lost productivity, employees must be engaged and feel positive about their work environment (e.g. role, culture, and boss). There have been many surveys on why talent leaves or stays and key drivers for retention are:

(1) working for a good to great manager, someone that you respect and can be informative and/or mentoring;
(2) feeling appreciated by the employer and this can come through recognition of achievements or praise for job well done;
(3) opportunity for career growth;
(4) a promotion or new title; and
(5) the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop new skills, and/or take on additional responsibilities.

Retaining talent is crucial for business growth and the success of any company.

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Do You Want to be Promoted?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015  by julie

Promotions are not for everyone. Timing, functionality, and requirements have to be measured.

The key questions that you want to ask are as follows:
(1) Is this the best time to make the step up? Taking on the next level of responsibility requires additional training and practice. Make sure that will happen.
(2) With promotions comes longer hours and possibly increased travel so are you prepared to take on the additional responsibility and stress?
(3) What new skills and knowledge will you gain and are they in alignment with your career goals? Sometimes promotions are into confined areas and limit long term growth and market value.
(4) Does the new role take you away from the work that you really derive satisfaction from? Some sales professionals like the customer engagement and then when promoted to sales manager find out they are in management of employees and have significantly less face time with customers.
(5) Will the new role disrupt your life balance? Promotions come with more accountability and less flexibility to devote to activities outside of work.  

Ready for a promotion or looking to take the next step in your career? Bohan and Bradstreet has the resources to help you take the next step.

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