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Success Stories!

Monday, June 14, 2021  by Bailey

Projects really came together in early June with a record of 5 placements in one week! Congratulations to Tami LaPlante who had 3 of the placements! She landed an Operations Support Supervisor,  as well as,  the Director of Operations  at a growing, privately held trucking company with multiple location and recognized as a nationwide leader in their industry. In addition, Tami also lplaced the Engineering Manager at a privately-held, multi-plant manufacturer of specialty products and capital equipment targeting multiple global channels including medical device, automotive and aerospace. Victoria Pallottto continued her consistent streak of timely project completions with the placement of a Staff Accountant at an expanding public accounting firm. Lastly, Ed Bradstreet placed a very talented candidate as the Vice President of Human Resources at a multi-site manufacturing and distribution business that has had sustained profitability and growth since 2000. This particular client has partnered with Ed for well over 20 years and their robust business yields a continued relationship to serve their talent aquisition needs!

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B&B Named to America's Best List 2021!

Monday, May 10, 2021  by Bailey

We have been recognized as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms in 2021!!

Forbes partnered with market research company Statista to find the best executive recruiters with its annual ranking of America’s best executive recruiting firms—the top 200 executive search firms specialized in filling positions with salaries of at least $100,000.

Click on the link to learn more:


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Recently Completed Searches

Friday, April 30, 2021  by Bailey


Revenue Controller, Pharmaceutical Corporation

Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, Medical Products Manufacturer

Information Technology Applications Director, Healthcare Products Company

3 Board Members, Non-Profit Outreach Program

Director of Assurance, National CPA Firm

Director of Corporate Development, B2B Technology Services Company

Research and Development Coordinator, Consumer Products

Supply Chain Manager, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

Controller, Technology Solutions Company

Controller, Financial Investment Corporation

Operations Manager, Engineered Products Manufacturer


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Friday, April 9, 2021  by Bailey


Progress During a Transitional Time

1st Quarter 2021 was rigorous with activity as evident by the completion of 13 search projects and the acquisition of 9 new client partnerships. Our retained searches run across all genres including accounting/finance/banking, human resources, information technology, engineering/operations/manufacturing/supply chain, and sales/marketing. In 2020, the pandemic had a significant impact on working families, as well as, an abrupt pivot in best practices within the physical business or operational setting for companies. Hiring practices were impacted by the pandemic but able to shift seamlessly due to technology and some methods are here to stay as they proved to be effective and efficient. Companies are more methodical in the approach to hiring in that the openings are a result of analyzing the business model and organizational structure to key on personnel realignments, upgrades or replacements. With the vaccine rollout and better understanding of how to mitigate surges than a year ago, companies are looking to grow while also assessing where they can embrace virtualization in some departments permanently. Based on robust hiring trends in 4th Quarter 2020 and 1st Quarter 2021, the desire to secure talented team members is evident and a proactive candidate should consider engaging with B&B to get ahead of the competition.

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From Classified Ads to High Tech

Monday, March 29, 2021  by Bailey

When Ed Bradstreet founded B&B back in 1987 he would market opportunities in the want ads of the newspaper. Client referrals were prepared on a typewriter and mailed via the post office. The process then was slow but the concept hasn’t changed in that he has an eye for talented professionals. Today technology has afforded the entire B&B team to facilitate the search process in a shorter time period but the success rate is still attributed to the ability to identify the bullseye. 

A recent example:

B&B placed a General Manager at a privately-held manufacturer of engineered products. With revenues approaching $10M, the company is profitable, committed to staying local, and looking to upgrade manufacturing processes and capital equipment. Our candidate evaluated the team in place and realized a need to replace the Operations Manager. He reached out to B&B to discreetly fill the position. The job would be a center stage role within a one shift operation serving domestic and international customers. They would be responsible for all manufacturing, shipping/receiving and facilities along with partnering with purchasing, sales, engineering, quality, finance, R&D, and IT. One month to the day of the initial call, our talented candidate was placed.

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