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30 Recently Completed Searches

Friday, October 26, 2018  by julie

Since 2017, B&B has placed candidates with 100+ companies, at 40+ business sectors, & in 15+ states. We averaged 42 calendar days from signed search agreement to candidate signed acceptance. 71% of our placements (150+ placements) were completed by submitting 3 candidates or less to our clients.

30 Recently Completed Searches:

Chief Financial Officer for a privately-held retailer, wholesaler, and ecommerce marketer

Application Engineer for an automotive flow controls manufacturer

Chief Executive Officer of a non-profit healthcare organization

Assistant General Manager with a national transportation company

VP Finance for a privately-held manufacturer of X-ray imaging and irradiation systems

Mechanical Engineer in a manufacturer of tape and dispenser products

Tax Manager with regional CPA firm

Human Resources Director in a North American B2B services corporation

Business Development Director for a global manufacturer of healthcare products

EVP, General Counsel with a global bank

VP Finance & Administration for a privately-held manufacturer and NDT service

Senior Associate with a national CPA firm

ERP Project Analyst with a PE financed national distributor of office products

COO/CFO for an emerging digital health company

Assembly Manager with a capital equipment industry.

VP Quality Assurance in a PE backed contract manufacturer of molded products

Chief Financial Officer for a privately-held manufacturer of skincare products

District Sales Manager of microscopes and measuring systems

Senior Credit Analyst with a regional bank

Materials Manager in a global automotive products manufacturer

Chief Financial Officer in a PE funded manufacturer of water management products

VP HR Transformation with a global bank

Business Development Leader with a PE funded precision products manufacturer

VP Finance with a PE backed, multi-state building services company

Senior Marketing Director with a global nutritional products industry

President of the capital financial division of a global bank

Process Engineer for a manufacturer of advanced material solutions

General Manager for a privately-held manufacturer of self-sealing fasteners

Production Supervisor in a privately-held consumer products manufacturer

Customer Support Director in a national business products industry


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Thank you for the Referral

Friday, October 5, 2018  by julie

B&B has had the pleasure of partnering with some clients for 10-20 years. The relationships built over time allow us to watch our client companies evolve and our placed candidates thrive ands prosper. Equally as pleasing is the introduction to new clients through referrals. The following are a few of the new clients B&B has gained in recent months and we look forward to securing top talent for each:

1)     Publicly-traded, biotechnology company whose product pipeline is maturing toward commercial stages and it just opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Midwest. The company added several key executives to its leadership team and Board in 2018 and they are looking to grow headcount by over 50% in the next 12 months.

2)     Regional, well established public accounting firm with multiple locations that is looking to hire promotable CPAs with partner upside.    

3)     Healthcare product manufacturer has introduced new products, increased revenues, reinvested in their infrastructure, expanded into global markets, and more than doubled EBITDA in the last 3 years. The CEO is looking for a hands-on business partner to lead manufacturing and warehousing functions.

4)     Expanding professional services firm with global and Fortune 500 clients. The business has organically grown and reinvests in their infrastructure. The leadership wants to fortify succession planning and add a key executive to partner on strategy and growth opportunities, ensure governance of core values, and be a hands-on leader for all financial, HR, IT, and business administration functions.

5)     Innovative biomedical research and clinical care start-up, pursuing drug approvals in the EU and US is looking to add to a collaborative, global team that operates in an open culture, and is focused on developing solutions to previously unmet patient needs.


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Identifying Solutions

Friday, September 28, 2018  by julie


To find talented candidates that deliver, B&B delves deep into understanding the company structure and short/long term goals. B&B wants our candidates to have opportunities to succeed and also for our clients to achieve their goals with the talent acquisition. Therefore, our initial discussions can change the scope of the search. Here is an example:

SITUATION - The business model for a Connecticut OEM had shifted from a vertical manufacturer to more reliance on contract manufacturing and assembly operation with a more demanding supply chain element. Information systems and technology were underutilized and dated. 

ACTIONS - The CEO and CFO initiated a call to B&B to potentially recruit a Project Manager to work for the IT Director. B&B led discussions with the executive team, including the IT Director, to best understand recent evolution, organization structure, business model, personnel, current processes, needs, challenges, and goals. The conversation was interactive, candid and open. The Company viewed IT as under producing rather than as a strategic resource to partner on business evolution. B&B was offered the exclusive to search for a Systems Manager and turned it down. B&B reached out to the CEO and made the recommendation that the biggest road block to success was the IT Director and if IT was to be a true business partner, then new leadership was required.  After this conversation, we were retained to source a new IT Director.

RESULTS - B&B established a search process with milestones of delivery; identified and introduced four highly qualified candidates; and had a new IT Director aboard within 90 days. The end result is a more interactive IT function that is providing value-based intelligence to both internal and external customers, and active participants in the business planning process. 

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New Opportunities!

Friday, September 7, 2018  by julie

Companies are looking to hire in 3rd Quarter!

Here are just a few of our new searches B&B is currently managing:

Director, ERP Implementaion for a PE funded roll up. The company is global and a future IPO candidate. In USA, the company has completed 5 acquisitions in 2018 and expects to close on three more before year end. Expansion plans are in place to be responsible for the Americas and first acquisition in Canada was recently signed. Parent company wants to move to new ERP platform and this role will have an internal team and coordinate with external technical resources and IT for support. This role is accented on business applications (e.g. accounting, order management, inventory, customer support, business development). Job ID: 12689

Payroll Supervisor for an expanding business that has sustained growth and profitability has centralized all payroll and HRIS functions to Connecticut. This is a leading manufacturerwith worldwide and domestic operating locations seeks an energized payroll leader.The business is known for their commitment to both employees and customers. Job ID: 12685

Eastern Sales Manager for a $200M manufacturing subsidiary of a $5B+ NYSE global leader.  The business is growing and profitable and will continue through expansion of global markets, new products, and prudent acquisitions!  Job ID: 12670

Oracle Business Partner that will function as a center stage role supporting sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, product development, finance and human resources. The multi-plant SBU has increased  revenues and profitability consistently over last five years and is committed to staying in Connecticut. The company has reinvested into infrastructure with world class manufacturing, facilities expansion and new capital equipment. Job ID: 12680

Product Manager for a bank that has grown assets organically close to 50% in the last 5 years and is ahead of plan for 2018. They have retail banking, commerical baking, and wealth management lines of business. This is a progressiive, modern bank that is focused on digital capabilities and investment and they plan to roll out a large scale core banking and mobile banking conversion in 2019! Job ID: 12676

Chief of Staff for a national healthcare system with high profile programs and partnerships focused on best practices in primary care delivery.  They are looking for an executive leader with the expertise to help drive the continued innovation, expansion and long-term success of the organization! Job ID: 12674





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Unspoken Interviewing

Friday, August 24, 2018  by julie


Unspoken Interviewing Image, body language and expressions are key messaging events during an interview on both the applicant and hiring authority side. The interview starts while you are waiting for the hiring authority. Receptionists are often asked about their observations. Be professional and exhibit a profile that portrays confidence and calmness.

First impressions are made within 3 minutes of the initial greeting. Three assessments happen quickly: You are measured on attire, posture and hand shake. Making a great entrance and first impression sets the stage. Body language is judged from head to toe. Attire should be conservative; cologne, perfume, jewelry and make-up should be minimized or nonexistent; hair must be well groomed; and shoes polished and stylish.

Whether sitting or standing, your posture projects a level of confidence and engagement in the conversation. If you slump, the interviewer will perceive a lack of confidence and interest. Sitting stiff as a rock implies nervousness and creates an uncomfortable situation for building rapport. Crossing your arms and legs may be interpreted as building a barrier. Sitting at the tip of the chair implies you don’t want to be there. Best sitting posture is straight and displaying your neck, chest and stomach area, a signal that you're open; leaning slightly forward at about a 10% angle sends the silent message that you are interested and involved; and adjusting at a slight angle and using arm movement is best way to emphasize talking points and show interest.

A handshake is an opportunity to establish rapport and positive chemistry. Practicing handshakes is suggested. Handshakes last about three seconds. Palms should be dry. Having an overly aggressive shake can be as offputting as the limp handshake. Never cover the other person's hand with the hand you're not shaking with because it will be interpreted as a sign of domination. Anticipate the handshake and make sure that if you are bringing anything to the interview, that your right hand remains available for the initial greeting and final good-by.

During the interview proper posture is important; proper eye contact and expressions are a differentiator. If the interviewer is talking, you want to be actively listening and that requires direct eye contact. Avoid staring aggressively by blinking at regular intervals and acknowledge comprehension or agreement by small nods. When speaking, hold eye contact for periods of about 10 seconds before looking away briefly and then re-establishing eye contact. Over-using direct eye contact when you are speaking can come across as challenging the interviewer. Smiling, occasional laughter, and showing enthusiasm portray positive qualities that can make a difference. Frowning, showing signs of boredom, or raising your eyebrows will help shorted the interviewing process and often lead to a quick exit.

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