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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2021  by Bailey


We are so grateful for the trust and partnership of our clients and the opportunity to help our candidates build their careers.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Bohan & Bradstreet Team

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The Candidate Perspective

Friday, November 12, 2021  by Bailey


Nowadays, many recruitment firms do little more than collect resumes, and vaguely offer “rapid placement” at “great companies.” One candidate, who we placed at a leading multi-plant manufacturer, explained:

 “I was delighted to quickly learn that B&B still practices what so many placement professionals seem to have forgotten: matching  the right candidate with the right company at the right time.”

At B&B, you’re more than  just a resume. As one candidate, who we recently placed at a leading manufacturer of films and sheet, puts it:

“Bo took the time to get to know me as both a person and a professional. We explored my skill set as it pertained to the opportunity at hand, and then talked about how the opportunity would fit with me personally. We reviewed everything from the location of the company to how they operate from a cultural perspective.”

At B&B, we make sure that our candidates know everything they need to make the right choice. One candidate, who we placed at a leading manufacturer of films and sheet, can confirm:

“Bo had a great understanding in all aspects of the position, and it helped me make informed and comfortable decisions. He helped me understand their products, market strategy/position and where they are going. Bo helped direct me not only towards company information, but also the market in which they compete.”

B&B makes sure that once you find an opportunity that interests you, you’ll have all the tools you need to crush the interview. One candidate, who we recently placed at a leading manufacturer of films and sheet, says:

“Interview preparation was professional. Bo provided plenty of tips on how to prepare for interviewing, from company-specific information to general business reminders that helped me prepare in a well-rounded manner. He also advised as to the personalities of the people I would be meeting.”

When negotiating salary and compensation, B&B makes sure that both client and candidate are satisfied. One recent candidate, who we placed at a leading manufacturer of films and sheet, explained:

“Bo helped me secure the best possible salary and overall package. We worked through salary negotiations in a professional manner, and Bo was always willing to ask what I wanted throughout the process. He was willing and able to take time securing an effective and mutually beneficial outcome for me and my new employer.”

Let B&B find the right match for you. In a recent testimonial, one candidate summarized,

“In short, Bo provided exactly what I needed to know in order to prepare for and secure an excellent new position that fits my goals and experience. I am looking forward to my new position, and would recommend Bohan & Bradstreet to any company or candidate looking to make the best match possible.”

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By the Numbers

Friday, October 29, 2021  by Bailey


The tides are turning! Year to date, the B&B team has successfully placed over 58 bullseye candidates and negotiated over $7 million in base salaries for them.

In the past 20 years, our consultants have placed over 3000 talented people within our client companies and negotiated base salaries in excess of $250 million.

Looking forward to seeing the numbers rise as we close out 2021. Our clients are onboarding talent in 4th quarter and making plans for talent acquisition in the new year!

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Streamlined Search Process

Friday, October 15, 2021  by Bailey


The first few weeks of 4th quarter are carrying forth the robust hiring trends that our team was seeing in September. Over a dozen new searches have been added to the docket and 8 candidates have begun their new roles in recent weeks. New and existing clients are motivated to hire the best and onboard new members to the team in a short timeframe  Our team is averaging 3-5 weeks from initial conversation through to our landed candidate's start date. B&B streamlines the hiring process by presenting only bulls-eye candidates and managing the interview process within a timely window.

Three candidates successfully began the onboarding process this week: a Financial Controller for a well-known non-profit organization; a Lead Analyst, Business Planning & Analysis for a Banking Services Holding Corporation;  and a Controller for a high-volume manufacturer. Our clients are thrilled to have secured such a high level of talent for their teams and we wish all parties the best in the future!


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New Partnerships

Friday, September 24, 2021  by Bailey

We would like to thank the 11 new clients we have acquired over the last 2 months for the opportunity to partner with them in their goal to secure the best of the best in Talent Acquisition! B&B has always been a referral based recruitment partner and as companies endeavor to grow, they require more team members to facilitate goals and recognize our ability to source top talent. Our team confidently approaches each new partnership with a clear and established approach of a comprehensive understanding of each client's end-to-end business operations and the financial, operational, and strategic opportunities on the horizon.  B&B’s process is tailored to each client's needs and we find individuals distinctive to the personality of the organization to help them build a winning team and culture. Our new clients include:

Precision Manufacturer of Metal Products

Consumer Services Niche Business

Multi-plant Consumer Products Division within Global Parent

CPA Services Firm

Confidential Manufacturing Company with Innovative Product Line

Software Technology Products Company

Manufacturer of Energy Innovations

Multi-Plant Consumer Products Manufacturer

Specialty Chemical Engineering Manufacturer

Global E-Commerce Business

Industry Leader within Global Marketplace



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