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5 Hot to Hire Positions

Friday, April 21, 2023  by Bailey

Manufacturing Engineer, Southington, CT

VISION:  Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of parts for tier one automotive manufacturing companies.  Company has been in business for decades and is committed to manufacturing in Connecticut. They have a track record for production excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction. REWARD:  $70,000-$95,0000 DOE, plus bonus and excellent benefits package. Upside!

Senior Accountant, Milford, CT

VISION:  Hands-on Senior Accountant needed by this $400M+ leading distribution company with a plan to establish a world class accounting function. Sales trajectory over the past five years are excellent due to organic growth and acquisitions with a 3-5 year growth plan to $1B. This center stage accounting role interacts with C-level leadership, operations, distribution centers and regional sales offices. Upside potential for promotion!  Ready to exit public accounting?   REWARD:  $90,000 - 115,000 (depending on experience) plus 10%+ target bonus.

Human Resources Director, Fall River, MA

VISION:  Multi-plant manufacturer known for engineering excellence and quality. Company has expanded operations and completed acquisitions. CEO is looking for a HR leader to strategize with executive team on organizational alignment, succession planning, and business strategy while increasing visibility as the Voice of the Employee. Be supported by a team of three. REWARD:  $140,000 to $170,000 DOE plus bonus, excellent benefits, and upside to VP.

Digital Marketing Specialist, Clinton, CT

VISION:    Manufacturing company, headquartered in Connecticut is seeking a Digital Marketing Professional. They are the global leader in their market, diverse industries include medical device, aerospace and automotive. REWARD: $80,000-$95,000 DOE for base pay, amazing benefit package including profit sharing, tuition reimbursement and daycare subsidy!

Project/Design Engineer, Clinton, CT

VISION:    Seeking a highly motivated engineering talent with upside potential! This company partners with Fortune 500 corporations globally on engineering solutions. Company is based in Connecticut and has a history of promoting engineers within product development, quality, process improvement, and marketing. REWARD: $80,000-$100,000 + DOE plus profit sharing, superior benefits including company-paid health insurance, tuition reimbursement, and daycare subsidy and upside potential.

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Humans Placing Humans

Friday, April 7, 2023  by Bailey


Artificial Intelligence programs for hiring has boomed in recent years and certainly has proven to be a valuable resource in matching individuals to positions. It is a concept that entails keyword capture based on a snapshot of a person's soft skills (communication style, problem-solving, organization, decision making) to relevant hard skills (teachable skills such as computer program capability, job specific tasks, etc.). It then identifies a match to keywords of the job description and can be customized to include company culture and team environment. The issues that have surfaced from such a tool are slowly coming to the surface. The main problem is that the programs are heavily reliant on keywords which are populated by people who may not be savvy in the evolution of AI and are not clued into what words should be incorporated into their resumes. AI cannot find what is not there. The following articles outline more pros and cons of using AI in hiring.

Bohan & Bradstreet has found that our clients find more value in working directly with veteran professional recruiting firms because of the human connection that naturally occurs on both sides of the hiring process. B&B spends time getting to know the whole of the company, the department structures, the fit within the industry, the long term goals, and where new talent can add value. B&B spends time sourcing candidates and getting to know each one through a series of calls to determine what in their career history makes them right for the next step and where they see themselves long term. The entire approach is designed to bring humans together in an organic way and ultimately ensures a more sustainable relationship.



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Recent Tesimonials

Friday, March 17, 2023  by Bailey

The B&B team has recently received some feedback regarding our process:

"It was a pleasure working with Bohan & Bradstreet. They are highly professional, provided good insights into the employer, their needs and their culture and made sure that my background was a good fit. Ed Bradstreet took the time to get to know me, communicated on a regular basis and provided valuable interview preparation and follow-up guidance. B&B’s clear understanding of the needs and expectations of both the company’s and the candidates they represent set them apart and resulted in a very positive experience for me"


"Tami at Bohan & Bradstreet is the most helpful recruiter I have ever worked with. In our conversations I never felt like I was being rushed off the phone like with other recruiters, and she actively listened to the answers I gave to her questions. Using that information, she selected companies that matched my values as an employee and a person for me to interview at, and provided me with helpful insights into those companies so that I could perform well in the interviews. I would highly recommend Tami and Bohan & Bradstreet to anyone looking to make a job change."

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Recent Placements

Friday, March 3, 2023  by Bailey


Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Company

VP Finance, Packaging Industry

Senior Financial Analyst, Global Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Company

Head Of Internal Communications, Professional Services

Senior Accountant, Investment Services 

Staff Accountant , Manufacturing Company

Senior Director, Supply Chain, Global Manufacturing Company

Project Manager, Medical Devices Industry

Production Planner & Scheduler, Manufacturing Company

Quality Engineer, Manufacturing Company

Sales Director – BPO, Transportation Service Industry

VP Business Development, Sports League

Head Of Marketing, Professional Services

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Top Two Questions for B&B

Friday, February 24, 2023  by Bailey

1) Does Bohan & Bradstreet do searches outside of Connecticut?

Yes! Although established as a local Executive Search firm in 1987, B&B has evolved and grown as our client base expands. Currently, our team is managing searches in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

2) How do I get established with a B&B recruiter?

Stay vigilant with our job board on New opportunities are added daily and the best way to connect with our recruiters is to apply for an open search. Once you are established as a viable candidate for our clients, your relationship with our consultant includes resume presentation, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.


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