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Why Hire a Recruiting Professional?

Friday, June 26, 2020  by Bailey


With the span of companies we service ranging from start-ups to publicly traded global corporations, Bohan & Bradstreet has fielded the question from many different standpoints. The answer is not one size fits all. Hiring executives in larger companies partner with our firm to strategically target talent during a period of growth, change, or to confidentially replace leadership. Smaller family owned businesses or startups may need our team to market opportunities, advise on organizational structure or identify a role that will align to deliver business goals.


Here are a few reasons why a partnership with B&B yields a high return:

1) Time is money. Our search professionals streamline the process with an indepth analysis of the client company keeping an eye on short and long term goals to clearly identify the role. Only the top candidates are presented so the hiring authority is evaluating key people. Interview coordination and close contact during the hiring phase and on-boarding also tightens process time.    

2) Marketing is paramount in attracting top talent for your company. Our search consultants are representing your brand, strategic initiatives and big picture goals. Our approach is to communicate clearly the vision, history, and uniqueness of the company before discussing the role within.

3) The human factor is something to consider. Our candidates are making a weighty decision that may affect family. Career moves are all about timing and our search consultants are experienced in balancing what is important to each party to bring about a mutually satisfactory outcome.

4) B&B search professionals are tapped into the talent pool. In most cases, our placements are currently employed and not active in the market. We are continuously connected to a wide range of talent in all areas of expertise so we can target specific players to bring to your table.

5) With recognition by Forbes as one of the country's Best Recruiting Firms for the last 3 years, celebrating 33 years in business, and having a team with decades of experience "seeing it all" in recruiting, our team is trusted by our clients for discretion, dedication and landing the best of the best.

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B&B Ranks Up on 2020 Forbes Best List!

Friday, June 5, 2020  by Bailey


We have been recognized as one of America’s Best Recruiting Firms in 2020 in both the Executive and Professional/Specialist Search category. This is our third year in a row being recognized in both categories.
For the fourth year, Forbes has partnered with market research company Statista to compile a list of America’s best recruiting firms. The list is broken into two categories: the top 200 executive search firms, which specialize in filling positions with salaries of at least $100,000, and the top 250 professional search firms, which focus on filling positions that pay less than $100,000.
Statista surveyed 25,000 recruiters and 5,000 job candidates and human resources managers who had worked with recruitment agencies over the last three years.

Click on the link to learn more:

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Recent Placements

Friday, May 8, 2020  by Bailey

Recently Completed Searches:

Supply Chain Manager, Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer

VP Finance, PE Funded Building Services Company

Human Resources Director, Private Equity Owned Roll-Up

Process Engineering Leader, Specialty Chemicals Industry

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Venture Capital Funded Roll Up

Project Manager, Civil Engineering Firm

National Sales Training Manager, Medical Device Innovator

Corporate Controller, Private Equity Backed Manufacturer

Global Product Manager, Adhesives Industry

Manufacturing Director, Design-to-Order Manufacturer

CEO, Government Agency Program Leader

Management Consultant, Global Management Consulting Firm

Chief Information Officer, Global Bank

Supply Chain Director, Regional Utility

Senior Manager, Technical Accounting, NASDAQ Technology Company

Senior Brand Manager, Global Consumer Products Company

Quality Manager, Medical Devices Manufacturer

Designer/Drafter, Packaging Manufacturer

Commercial Lender, Global Financial Services

Chief Banking Officer, Global Bank

Manager SOX Compliance, Global Technology Manufacturer

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Leadership Assessment

Friday, April 10, 2020  by Bailey


There are a lot of different business models: centralized, decentralized, matrix, and virtual. There is the balance of in-house capabilities and outsourced venues. Leadership of people is critical to the success of the business and attainment of goals. Whether you are up for promotion, having a performance review or evaluating new employment, here are five key personality traits that superiors or new employers will be evaluating.

Honest & Integrity….having the respect of subordinates, peers and superior is critical for a leader, especially if you are impacting change, making decisions and driving the evolution of the business.

Delegation & Building Trust….a strong leader is an efficient delegator who enables subordinates, influences their growth, and facilitates teamwork. It is like an orchestra leader who can harmonize the musicians rather than having each playing their own tune.

Appreciation….showing gratitude leads to higher self-esteem and better results. Employees and business partners want to be recognized for their efforts and contributions. They want to be appreciated and valued. A pat on the back or a simple “Thank you” goes a long way.

Effective Communication….whether working with internal or external customers, subordinates, peers or superiors, be yourself and let your audience know who you are, where you are coming from, and what value you can bring to the conversation. Be authentic and visible.  Texts and emails can be misinterpreted. Learn to be a good listener to best understand another’s perspective and knowledge.

Being Influential….Leaders define the direction of the business and need to convince others of the need to change and evolve. This requires a logical and emotional approach that will yield cooperation, directions, and trust.

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Too Many Employers?

Monday, March 30, 2020  by Bailey


When interviewing, the last 5-7 years is the most critical time period relevant to your next employer. The knowledge, experiences, and skills recently developed should be quickly adaptable and contribute to the success of meeting or exceeding expectations. Part of that value is dedication, employment stability and the advancement of responsibilities within a specific employer.

The days of 20-30-40 years with one employer are rare. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average number of employers in a lifetime is 10 to 12 and growing. Average tenure was 4.3 years for males and less for females. There are a lot of reasons that create change and here are just a few: blocked for advancement; reorganization; company was acquired or closed; better work/life balance; relocation; higher compensation; lack of recognitions; superior challenges; outsourcing; economic downturn; and changing career direction.

We can rationalize reasons for change whether self-motivated or not. The challenge is when you go on an interview and the hiring executive asks “Why have you had so many employers over the last X years?

This a negative question and the astute candidate will have prepared a positive answer. Trying to defend reasons for moving from one employer to another is not worth more than 10-15 seconds of explanation. What the hiring executive is trying to determine is your potential loyalty (no company likes turnover), how you make decisions about your next employer; and what motivates you to stay with an employer. Here are a few items to consider in your response.

  • Reassure your audience that you are looking for an opportunity to contribute, gain additional experience, learn new skills, and make a difference. If that was true with your most recent employers and things changed, admit it.
  • Emphasize that you do not like to change employers and are looking for a long term solution.
  • Remember what the core requirements are for the role you are interviewing for and emphasize knowledge and experiences relatable to those requirements.
  • Provide examples where you have added value and contributed.

Bottom line….do not defend your response….use this as an opportunity to promote your candidacy.

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