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Your Questions Answered

Friday, December 9, 2022  by Bailey

Some of the questions we are frequently asked:

1) Does Bohan & Bradstreet do searches outside of Connecticut?

Yes! Although established as a local Executive Search firm in 1987, B&B has evolved and grown as our client base expands. Currently, our team is managing searches in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

2) How do I get established with a B&B recruiter?

Stay vigilant with our job board on New opportunities are added daily and the best way to connect with our recruiters is to apply for an open search. Once you are established as a viable candidate for our clients, your relationship with our consultant includes resume presentation, interview preparation, and offer negotiation.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24, 2022  by Bailey


This is a time to take a moment to reflect and extend appreciation and gratitude for your fellowship, communication, and willingness to allow Bohan & Bradstreet to make a difference. We welcome our new clients to the B&B network. We applaud our long term client relationships. We are thankful for the past and welcome the opportunity to partner in the future.
We are grateful to celebrate 35 years in business! ​​​​​​​

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Solution Sourced!

Friday, October 28, 2022  by Bailey

General Manager-Spin Off (Search # 5746)


Investor funded metal fabrication business was spun off, acquired, and merged with another metal working operation. Revenues were hovered around $10M. Investors wanted a local leader who could drive revenues, consolidate operations, and build infrastructure to support goal of tripling size of business over 5 years organically and through additional acquisitions.

Bohan & Bradstreet (B&B) was referred by investors and retained to manage the search. B&B invested time to learn the business model, markets served and uniqueness, operational and leadership strengths/weaknesses, short- and long-term goals, and opportunities to make a difference.

B&B created a description of core leadership and functional responsibilities, internal and external resources, 6-12 months deliverables and compensation expectations. The search had interesting challenges: (1) location was rural, and client wanted to avoid relocation; (2) client wanted a leader that was groomed by a best practice setting; (3) candidate must have full P/L responsibility within a make-to-order or job shop metal fabrication setting; (4) experience working for a private equity or investor owned business was a big plus; (5) strengths in continuous improvements a must; and (6) had led or partnered on business development and customer relations.

B&B identified over 100 candidates and selected 12 for initial evaluations. Following in-depth interviews and soft skill testing, a slate of 6 candidates were submitted, 4 were interviewed by the client, 2 advanced to final round and an offer was made and accepted within 9 weeks of original introduction to client. Candidate was local, groomed by Fortune 100 industry, had full P/L responsibility in a job shop setting, was Six Sigma certified, and partnered on strong growth in revenues and EBITDA.

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Landing Our Candidates

Friday, October 14, 2022  by Bailey


Congratulations to our candidates who have started the next step in their careers within our client companies!

1) Distributor Sales Lead within an innovative company that is focused on manufacturing and distribution of specialized equipment used in a variety of industries, including electronics and medical device. There is steady leadership and growth within the business!

2) Marketing Director for a healthcare organization that has more than doubled and offers to Connecticut clients diverse behavioral health counseling and treatment services (e.g., anxiety, depression, drug, alcohol, LGBTQ, teen, medical. PTSD). The organization receives excellent reviews, has telehealth capabilities, and offers 7/24 availability.

3) Senior Vice President, Operations for an innovative solutions manufacturer who partners with global commercial and industrial customers/ The role is #1 Operations leader who will own the design, development, and manufacturing of electro-mechanical devices and their related commodities.

4) Director, Technical Accounting for a profitable global manufacturer with a demonstrated history of organic growth and acquisition, strong P&L and balance sheet is expanding its accounting team. This role will work independently but cross functionally with senior management of SBU’s, audit and leadership team

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Recent Feedback

Friday, September 30, 2022  by Bailey

"It was truly a delight working with Bohan & Bradstreet on securing a corporate development role with a portfolio company of a renowned private equity firm. The team was very helpful, transparent and cordial throughout the entire process. Prior to the initial interview, the professionals at Bohan & Bradstreet shared a memo providing an in-depth overview of the company, private equity firm, growth strategy, acquisition history and key responsibilities of the position. Furthermore, the team was very thoughtful and meticulous in all preparatory discussions. During the offer stage, the team shared valuable insight and guidance leading to a seamless negotiation of a sound offer for both sides. I look forward to staying in touch with the team at Bohan & Bradstreet and would highly recommend using the firm for future hires."

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