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Retaining Talent

Thursday, September 17, 2015  by julie

To avoid turnover and lost productivity, employees must be engaged and feel positive about their work environment (e.g. role, culture, and boss). There have been many surveys on why talent leaves or stays and key drivers for retention are:

(1) working for a good to great manager, someone that you respect and can be informative and/or mentoring;
(2) feeling appreciated by the employer and this can come through recognition of achievements or praise for job well done;
(3) opportunity for career growth;
(4) a promotion or new title; and
(5) the opportunity to gain knowledge, develop new skills, and/or take on additional responsibilities.

Retaining talent is crucial for business growth and the success of any company.

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Do You Want to be Promoted?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015  by julie

Promotions are not for everyone. Timing, functionality, and requirements have to be measured.

The key questions that you want to ask are as follows:
(1) Is this the best time to make the step up? Taking on the next level of responsibility requires additional training and practice. Make sure that will happen.
(2) With promotions comes longer hours and possibly increased travel so are you prepared to take on the additional responsibility and stress?
(3) What new skills and knowledge will you gain and are they in alignment with your career goals? Sometimes promotions are into confined areas and limit long term growth and market value.
(4) Does the new role take you away from the work that you really derive satisfaction from? Some sales professionals like the customer engagement and then when promoted to sales manager find out they are in management of employees and have significantly less face time with customers.
(5) Will the new role disrupt your life balance? Promotions come with more accountability and less flexibility to devote to activities outside of work.  

Ready for a promotion or looking to take the next step in your career? Bohan and Bradstreet has the resources to help you take the next step.

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Recruitment & Performance Management Analytics

Thursday, September 10, 2015  by julie


Recent studies have found businesses that excel in talent management and recruitment achieve earnings of 15-20% higher than their peers. Recruitment can have a direct and very positive impact on revenue creation and profitability. Here are some factors that are value-adding to the recruitment and performance process:

  • Measure if new hires meet expected performance levels and change recruiting and evaluation processes as needed; this requires evaluation of soft and hard skills as well as onboarding process and commitment of both company and recruit.
  • Identify best sources for hiring at various levels; engage those sources to be current with business evolution (i.e. promotions, new products/services, awards, expansion), best practices, culture, and other insight that supports reasons why talent would be attracted
  • Measure time to fill a position; validate internal vs. external supply chain challenges to expedite hiring process
  • Analyze characteristics of new employees that resign in first 100 days to best understand opportunities to improve recruitment and onboarding process.
  • Proactively review characteristics, behavior, and work history of talent that has added value to leverage future recruitment and evaluation processes.
  • Identify opportunities to reward performance; this can be pay-for-performance, special awards, promotions, recognition announcements, or time off. Top performers need to be acknowledged and recognized.

As a business partner, Bohan & Bradstreet proactively supports the recruitment of talent for our client companies through alignment of talent needs with candidate capabilities and expectations.

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Identifying Talent

Thursday, August 20, 2015  by julie

The business world is evolving and so is recruiting of talent. Historically we decomposed roles into specific tasks and competencies. We assign personality traits and experience levels to each role because we value emotional intelligence more than core IQ. But today's business world is increasingly more complex and changing so talent needs to be responsive, versatile, adaptive, intelligent and innovative.
There are multiple factors that have altered the view on talent and the future of the employer. First is globalization. International markets are both a challenge and an opportunity to expand since emerging global markets can represent over 50% of revenue growth for many businesses. Second is demographics of last 25 years has seen multiple economic downturns and movement of manufacturing and business services offshore. This has created delayering and restructuring; therefore establishing a more "now" than a "future" view. There is a wealth of historic knowledge and experience that has or is retiring which in too many cases overshadowed building infrastructure, a reason why there is 27+% decline in young leaders. Third is the fact that over 75% of companies do not have a pipeline in place to meet the challenges and opportunities in today's business world.
Talent is scarce. Potential is more highly sought after than experience, and competencies. Key qualities that need to be evaluated can include motivation and determination to succeed; ability to digest new information and make insightful suggestions; having a need to know; openness to learn, change, and adapt; collaborative leadership style; ability to effectively communicate; and values that are aligned to the business model.
The competition for talent is what drives our business as B&B partners with clients on the recruitment and retention of talent from senior staff to executive levels.

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Who Is Bohan?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015  by julie

Bohan happens to be the middle name for several in the Bradstreet family and it was the maiden name of Ed Bradstreet's, B&B's president, mother, but the real Bohan is a dog and here is his story.....

Ed Bradstreet started this business in 1987 and his partner was Bohan. Bohan was the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) and Chairdog of the Board. The intriguing part of the story is how they met.

Prior to 1987, Ed was looking for employees to start a business.  He set-up a temporary office at street level and posted a sign that read, “Recruiter Wanted. Must like people. Must be able to type. Must be good with the computer. Must be bilingual.  We are an equal opportunity employer. Apply within.”

It was to Ed’s surprise that Bohan waddled into the office and with an undaunted flair, jumped into the chair, wagged his tail and gave him the “I love you” grin with his pink tongue hanging out between his lips. Ed looked at this dog and said, “I can’t hire you. You have to be able to type.” 

The rest is history. That is the true story of Bohan.

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