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What Are Millennials Looking For In The Job Market?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015  by julie

According to a recent "Herman Trend Alert" by Joyce Gioia, Strategic Business Futurist, with data provided by a Futurestep study, money doesn't talk to Millennials.

"They used to value money over all of the other aspects of employment. Now, Millennials are 'placing greater value on understanding what a company stands for and how, as employees, they can play a role in growing the organization into a better, stronger brand'. When asked what matters most to employees who are part of the Millennial generation the greatest number of respondents (23%) said it was 'the ability to make an impact on the business', followed by 'a clear path for advancement' (20%) and 'development and ongoing feedback' (16 percent). Income came in at fourth place at only 13%. When executives were asked "what makes Millennials 'choose one job over another', more than a third (38 percent) said 'visibility and buy-in to the vision of the organization' while 28 percent said 'a clear path for advancement'. 'Job title and pay' came in third place at 18 percent."

At Bohan & Bradstreet, our recruiters are taking into account the new priorities of today's young workforce by partnering closely with our clients to clearly communicate opportunities to contribute to the big picture while fostering advancement and personal growth.

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New Job Opportunities

Thursday, April 30, 2015  by julie


Come see our  latest job opportunities. We have a lot of great new jobs with upside and growth potential.

Senior Buyer with Strong Upside Potential; ID 11850
Location/City: CT - Hamden
Salary Range: 65000.00 - 75000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
In addition to initial role, upside opportunity to lead purchasing from a managerial standpoint. A great growth opportunity, click here to apply.

Director of Contract Administration Reporting; ID: 11700
Location/City: CT - New Haven
Salary Range: 90000.00 - 125000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Senior leadership is collaborative, empowering, and proactive looking for a hands-on contract administrator. Come see this great opportunity, click here.

Divisional Accounting Manager/Future Controller; ID 11854
Location/City: CT - Hamden
Salary Range: 65000.00 - 80000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Report to CFO; partner closely with production, supply chain, and sales/marketing; and be the lead accounting professional for an expanding manufacturing division. An excellent opportunity, click here to apply.

Accounting Supervisor with Upside; ID 11853
Location/City: CT - Meriden
Salary Range: 75000.00 - 100000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Be groomed to be Manager. New role due to growth. This is a center stage role. Click here to apply.

Digital Marketing Specialist; ID 11852
Location/City: CT - New Britain
Salary Range: 75000.00 - 90000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Exciting opportunity to help build the digital marketing capability in the company! This is an opportunity not to be missed. Click here to apply.

Financial Reporting Manager; ID 11858
Location/City: CT - Hartford
Salary Range: 120000.00 - 150000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
You will be the primary point of contact with external auditors, international accounting teams, actuaries, and legal. Lots of areas to be value-adding. Click here to apply.

Sr. Compensation Analyst; ID 11856
Location/City: CT - Fairfield County
Salary Range: 85000.00 - 95000.00 per year (USD Permanent)
Building additional compensation capability.  Growth environment! Click here to apply.

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Turnover - Is It Good or Bad?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015  by julie

Low turnover has long been perceived as indicative of a strong company. The rationale makes sense-a company must be doing something right if employees remain working there.

However, the issue is much more complex.  Employees stay at companies formany reasons which may relate very little to the company. Employees may be:

  • Under-skilled
  • Unmotivated to advance
  • Anxious that the economy is too unstable
  • Comfortable and complacent in a known environment

Turnover can certainly be disruptive to a business, impacting employee morale and performance.  It also has real costs, from job postings to interviewer time to lost productivity to higher salaries and sign-on bonuses.  It's no wonder that many employers want to avoid turnover. 

But sometimes change is exactly what's needed.  Whether employees are let go or leave voluntarily, turnover can be a smart opportunity for employers to select, hire, and develop new talent into the organization.  People who are excited about the company and have the capability to perform at a high level can make a significant difference. Some turnover is actually good for the company!

 We want to hear from you. Share how has turnover been for your company?

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Recent Bohan and Bradstreet Job Placements

Wednesday, April 15, 2015  by julie

Another great month of job placements at Bohan and Bradstreet. We pride ourselves in the long-term and strong connections we make with the companies we recruit for. Now only do we work with incredible companies, we partner with the best talent to find the perfect fit. The result is multiple new possibilities for your career and top talent for your company. It is the #BandB way. 

Site Quality Manager within a private equity infused, global manufacturer in Tennessee.  Salary is $110,000 plus target bonus.

Credit Manager within a B2B capital equipment supplier within Connecticut.  Salary is $75,000 plus 20% bonus.

Assistant Vice President Financial Reporting within an expanding global business.  Salary is $150,000 plus sign on and 25% bonus.

Payroll Systems Manager within a multi-location manufacturer in Connecticut.  Salary is $97,500 plus bonus.

VP Sales within a Multi-site leader in machined components in Illinois.  Salary is $170,000 plus target bonus.

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Victoria M. Pallotto Celebrates 20 Years!

Friday, April 10, 2015  by julie


Victoria M. Pallotto, CPC, Senior Vice President

We would like to congratulate Victoria on celebrating 20 years with Bohan & Bradstreet this week! Since 1995 Vicki has completed over 1,000 contingency and retained searches. 

Vicki invests a lot of time gathering in-depth knowledge of the company, culture, management team, business objectives, short- and long-term strategies and the opportunity to contribute. She also invests extensive time to personally evaluate and assess skills, leadership style, personal attributes, process improvement and value added accomplishments of the talent she represents.

Join us in congratulating her.


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