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Friday, September 16, 2022  by Bailey


VISION: Mission-driven healthcare, research & education organization with high profile medical centers, research and training programs and academic/medical partnerships across the country.  Forward-thinking leader in healthcare delivery and technology! REWARD: Salary target $200-250,000 plus comprehensive benefits package.


VISION:   OEM business partner to Fortune 500 industries globally including medical device, automotive, and aerospace.  Company provides engineered solutions and has numerous patents. Company is known for their excellent quality, reliability and performance of products and solutions.  they have been in business for decades in Connecticut. Excellent career growth opportunities for Engineers. REWARD: Base salary of $75,000-$100,000 + DOE, profit sharing, excellent benefits package, and upside potential.


VISION:   If you are looking for world class manufacturing, product ingenuity, and upside potential…..then keep reading. This company has partnered on the design and manufacturing of engineered products that are critical to capital equipment performance (e.g., dialysis, transfusions, propulsion, lubrication). Their customers are global OEMs that are on the forefront of new product delivery. This client has shown consistent growth and is constantly exploring new markets for their innovative product lines. REWARD: $100,000-$125,000 DOE, plus profit sharing, excellent benefit plan and upside potential.


VISION:   Seeking a highly motivated engineering talent with upside potential! This company partners with Fortune 500 corporations globally on engineering solutions. Company is based in Connecticut and has a history of promoting engineers within product development, quality, process improvement, and marketing. REWARD: $80,000-$100,000 + DOE plus profit sharing, superior benefits and upside potential


VISION: Ranked #1 in North America and expanding footprint in Europe, Far East and Latin America. Business model is a combination of engineering services supported by IP and an emerging SaaS division. Revenues are over $100M annually with a 90+% recurring revenue stream. Revenues are growing; next generation of technology is forthcoming; customer retention is 95+%; and customer satisfaction is 99%. REWARD: $125,000 to $180,000 (depending on experience) plus 15%+ target bonus up to 30%.


VISION: Profitable high volume manufacturer metal fabricator supplies product into consumer and industrial markets. Very stable interactive, family oriented culture with a history of developing and promoting talent continually invests in new products and KPI development. Upside to VP Finance. Will mentor an engaging, ambitious, collaborative high quality talent! REWARD: $140,000 to $160,000 plus bonus (15%) and excellent benefits. Stable solid highly profitable company.  


VISION: Mission-driven healthcare, research & education organization with high profile medical centers, research and training programs and academic/medical partnerships across the country.  Forward-thinking leader in healthcare delivery and technology! REWARD: Salary target $150-170,000 plus comprehensive benefits package.


VISION: Large global industry leader with a product portfolio that supports customer product platforms within the food & beverage and pharmaceutical spaces.  Commitment to innovation, sustainability and growth in the market! REWARD: Target salary $120,000-$140,000 plus 15% bonus and excellent benefits.  Relocation available.


VISION: High quality metal fabricator of precision finished products for industrial OEM markets seeks an operational accounting professional to support reporting and analytics focused to cost standards, BOM, inventory, and related KPI metrics needed by the plant operations management. Companies poised for growth and investments continue to be made in their operations. REWARD: $80,000 to $125,000 (depending on experience) plus bonus, excellent benefits.


VISION: Profitable global manufacturer with a demonstrated history of organic growth and acquisition, strong P&L and balance sheet is expanding its accounting team. Work independently but cross functionally with senior management of SBU’s, audit and leadership team. Perfect centerstage steppingstone is you’re exiting the Big 4. Seeking upwardly promotable CPA. Hybrid work schedule but CT residents only. REWARD: $135,000-165,000 (depending on experience) plus 15% bonus with multiplier and excellent benefits.   


VISION: Engineer products industry selling into 50+ countries globally. Sustained growth and profitability. Revenues over $250M. History of promoting from within; have long term customer relationships and satisfaction; deep on IP, quality, and product ingenuity; and evoke an employee focused culture. Hybrid role. REWARD:  $120,000 to $160,000 plus 15-20% bonus and superior benefits.


VISION: Virtual. Part or full time. Healthcare organization has more than doubled and offers to Connecticut clients diverse behavioral health counseling and treatment services (e.g., anxiety, depression, drug, alcohol, LGBTQ, teen, medical. PTSD). Organization receives excellent reviews, has telehealth capabilities, and offers 7/24 availability. REWARD:  $60,000 to $70,000 DOE plus excellent benefits and future rewards (bonus).

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Career Evolution

Friday, September 2, 2022  by Bailey

This is a confusing economic period influenced by corporate competition, acquisitions & divestitures, leadership changes, supply chain challenges, dynamic shifts in technology and business models, virtual/hybrid, price increases, low unemployment, and it goes on. The challenge is that the business environment that you are employed is reacting, changing and trying to navigate current and future economics. Business is driven by cash, profits, assets, growth and people. The business is the sun, and you are a planet, moon, or spaceship orbiting the sun.

But let’s reverse think. Why should your career evolution and future be based on the sun that you are orbiting? What are you doing to create self-value and build your career? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Personal Values: What is most important to you and your family? Think about lifestyle, income, commute, community activity, and other factors.
  • Evaluate your skill set: Are you developing new skills that have value in future? To take on additional responsibility and/or role, what skills require further development and set up a plan to acquire those skills.
  • Personality: Each company and role are unique (i.e., intensity, travel, visibility, challenges). #1 reason for employment changes is that the individual’s soft skills either consciously or unconsciously do not align to the soft skills required by the role or employer. Evaluate your personality to align properly with your career goals and progression.
  • Build a Network: Out of sight, out of mind. Everyone needs mentors, influencers, references, and knowledge experts that should be contacted multiple times annually. Every year target and add to the network.
  • Making a Difference: There are two types of employees. One is more job focus (i.e., steady paycheck, benefits, job security, tactical in role). The other is career focused and need to constantly make a difference for their employer and add value to career progression. Lead or contribute on opportunities to drive best results (i.e., continuous improvement, cross functional initiatives). The more that you add the value, the higher the visibility.

Bottom line, become the center of your universe and control the future.

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Celebrating Julie Briggs!

Friday, August 19, 2022  by Bailey

In this early eighties article from Business Digest, Julie can be seen seated at the table surrounded by the recruiting team. 

Julie Briggs marks 34 years with Bohan & Bradstreet! She is the cornerstone of the company and has a hand in every aspect of the business. Her dedication to the company and the team is above and beyond day in day out, year after year. We celebrate her and appreciate all that she does for B&B! 


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High Praise

Friday, August 5, 2022  by Bailey

"It was truly a delight working with Bohan & Bradstreet on securing a corporate development role with a portfolio company of a renowned private equity firm. The team was very helpful, transparent and cordial throughout the entire process. Prior to the initial interview, the professionals at Bohan & Bradstreet shared a memo providing an in-depth overview of the company, private equity firm, growth strategy, acquisition history and key responsibilities of the position. Furthermore, the team was very thoughtful and meticulous in all preparatory discussions. During the offer stage, the team shared valuable insight and guidance leading to a seamless negotiation of a sound offer for both sides. I look forward to staying in touch with the team at Bohan & Bradstreet and would highly recommend using the firm for future hires."

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Will the Momentum Change?

Monday, July 25, 2022  by Bailey

Over recent years, it has been blue skies for most. The USA has been the leader for global recovery. The value of the US dollar hit a 5-year peak in May (2022). We survived Covid. Unemployment is hovering at 3.6%, a sustainable low for the first half of 2022. “Buy America” is the trend. People have been venturing out and reembracing life.

And then prices gradually increase. The stock market starts to respond. Spendable dollars are a luxury if available. Interest rates are up. Supply chain quagmire remains. Is a recession on the horizon? Does working hybrid or virtual enhance career progression? What are you doing about your future?

From a career planning perspective, here are the three questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How valuable is your role? If you are meeting or exceeding expectations, then the more critical your role is will be a barometer for your career progression. There are three levels of employment. The first are those that lead and impact strategy and P/L. The second are those that implement and drive strategy, change, and/or continuous improvement. The third are the doers.
  • How stable is your current employer? Evaluate revenue trends and backlog. What is the recent history on winning or losing customers? Is your employer making investments in infrastructure? Are we innovative on product or services? Does the company have differentiators that are sustainable? Is the culture and/or leadership changing?
  • Are you reinvesting in your career? If you don’t know more or have not added new skills in the last year, then you have lost market value. No one owes you a living. Career security and progression is a combination of self-awareness and motivation to be your best.

Take a moment to reflect because the economy is unpredictable. Own your career. 

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