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Perspective: Client & Candidate

Monday, February 17, 2020  by julie

CLIENT: “Bohan & Bradstreet takes talent recruitment and retainment to a new level. By taking the time to understand our business, challenges and culture, they are most able to represent our company in the marketplace and attract highly talented candidates. B&B employs very talented professionals who orchestrate the placement process in a competent and efficient manner. But they take the placement process further, coaching both the company and hired individual during the courting and honeymoon periods for successful outcomes.” 

CANDIDATE: “Bohan & Bradstreet has a unique and effective approach that builds trust with their clients and candidates. They get to know both clients and candidates well and strive to find the best possible match for each. I found Bohan & Bradstreet to be a true networking partner that invested time in me to make sure the opportunities I investigated and ultimately the position I accepted would be the best possible fit. Two months into my new position I can tell you with much confidence that their approach certainly benefited me. I will turn to B&B again in the future for my own career needs or to seek talent to fill roles on my team.” 

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Accounting Opportunities!

Monday, February 10, 2020  by julie

  • Senior Accountant, $75-90,000+Bonus - Stratford #5459
  • US IT Team Lead Auditor, $100-120,000+Bonus - Orange #5399
  • Manager Technical Accounting, $100-130,000+Bonus - Orange #5442
  • Accounting Manager-Part time or full time, $45-70,000+Bonus - Woodbridge #5493
  • Audit Manager, $110-145,000+Bonus - Orange #5393
  • Manager to Director, $85-150,000+Bonus - Clinton #5467
  • Associate to Senior Manager-Audit, $65-190,000+Bonus - Hartford & Stamford #1062
  • Controller, $120-140,000+Bonus - Old Saybrook #5487
  • Senior Corporate Accountant, $65-85,000+Bonus - North Haven #5489
  • Treasury Analyst, $70-95,000+Bonus - Wallingford #5443
  • CAO & Corporate Controller, $195-225,000+Bonus - East Hartford #5482
  • Corporate Controller, $160-195,000+Bonus - Westport #5484
  • Payroll Specialist, $65-90,000+Bonus - New Haven #5480
  • Public Accounting Staff to Manager, $60-200,000+Bonus, Hartford #5486
  • Senior Accountant, $75-110,000+Bonus - North Haven #5495
  • Accounting Supervisor, $90-110,000+Bonus - West Haven, CT #5496
  • Senior Accountant, $70-90,000+Bonus - West Haven, CT #5497

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B&B Placement in the News

Monday, January 27, 2020  by Bailey

Congratulations to Bo Bradstreet for securing the very talented Andrea Barton Reeves for CEO of the Connecticut Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Authority. Bo completed this search ahead of the timeline and sourced their solution expertly by thoroughly understanding the caliber required for such a role. Andrea will be a great asset for Connecticut and B&B was proud to be part of the process! Click the link below to learn more:

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Resume Refresh

Friday, January 24, 2020  by Bailey


Don't wait for Spring to do cleaning of your resume and LinkedIn profile. If you had a year end review, bonus, promotion or were assigned added responsibilities, a larger scope of projects or a leadership role going forward, you should highlight those accolades on your resume and social media profiles. You do not need to be actively looking for a new job to market yourselves. Hiring authorities and recruiters are managing opportunities that can align with your career path and desired goals. However, to be a contender, you must have your information up to date with your latest and greatest accomplishments. Also, don't forget to continously update your keywords with new skills and experience because hiring authorities are regularly using Applicant Tracking Systems to narrow the talent pool. Continue to visit the B&B job board to view opportunities as we are updating daily with new roles our clients are motivated to fill.

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Friday Humor: Bad Boss Blues

Friday, January 17, 2020  by julie


You wake up one day and there is a new boss. It could have been a promotion, transfer, internal organization, external hire or some other fate. Obvious from the get-go, you and the boss are not compatible. It doesn’t matter whether the superior is moody, incompetent, uncommunicative, tyrannical or Machiavellian. Your life will soon be in a rut because you are catching the BAD BOSS BLUES. Let’s describe a few of the distinctive varieties that top everyone’s Most Unwanted list.


Will work you until you drop. Capable of calling on Sundays, insists on arriving and leaving when it is dark out (even in the summer), provides relentless pressure, offers only a nanosecond of appreciation.


Will hide in his or her office.


Dismisses your presence because it is meaningless in the final analysis.


Wants to bully everyone into submission through screaming tirades, shouting at will, making scenes and management by terror philosophy.


Has appreciation for his or her own opinion because there are possible alternatives to anything: their way or the wrong way.


Attracts or creates every cataclysm, disaster and debacle within their warp zone abilities.


Languishes on your knowledge, usurps your wisdom and lays claim to all contributions.


Smothers all attempts of individualism, ingenuity and the pursuit of life with a constant, never-ending, relentless triple-dot-the-“I” review.

There are numerous other personalities that can erode one’s ego and career. Always assess the situation to ensure that you haven’t overreacted to a momentary flaw (e.g., stress, illness). Examine opportunities to alter the environment by making positive suggestions or transferring to another department. If the scene remains untenable and internal change is not possible, then consider leaving. Your career and self-esteem are important. As Walter Winchell once said, “He didn’t carve his career, he chiseled it.” If life deals you a bad hand, then either fold, re-deal or change the rules.

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