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First Impressions

Monday, February 25, 2019  by Bailey

The CEO of a privately-held manufacturer was referred to Bohan & Bradstreet (B&B) as a resource for talent. The CEO had been splitting his time between supporting business development and leading daily operations. Due to organic growth, there were challenges and opportunities for improvement that the CEO did not have the time to implement change, develop personnel, and lead continuous improvement.

The CEO and B&B had an informative and open conversation on the culture, business evolution over last three years, customer base, engineering and product development capabilities, supply chain and manufacturing operations, current organization structure, and opportunities for improvement. This led to the creation and definition of a VP Operations role which B&B was retained to fill confidentially. The CEO wanted a solution within 60 days, if possible.

B&B developed a discrete marketing program that targeted qualified talent that lived within a 25 mile radius of the client. B&B researched, interviewed, and evaluated talent and presented a slate of four candidates. The first candidate interviewed met all the criteria of both hard and soft skills. The CEO felt that the first candidate was a bull’s-eye, stopped interviewing, and extended an offer that was accepted. The entire process from signed search agreement to the new VP Operations starting was 31 days.

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Time For Something New?

Friday, February 22, 2019  by Bailey


As advisors to both clients on the acquisition of talent and talent on career guidance, B&B is constantly measuring the stimuli for why career professionals seek and the reasons why accepting new employment. We call it the "Push Factor" and the "Pull Factor". To measure current trends, we recently looked at the last 100 hundred senior staff to executive level talent that B&B placed in accounting, banking, customer support, engineering, general management, human resources, IT, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and supply chain. Compensation packages ranged from $75,000 to $1+ million.

Primary reason motivating the reason to change employment:

#1 Not challenged enough in current setting; wanted a more impactful role to develop and showcase skills and abilities (43%)

#2 Wanted to be aligned with a company with a brighter future and more committed to growth (28%)

#3 Sought a company with better culture and leadership (17%)

Noteworthy was that 5% wanted to be closer to home, 4% were unemployed or underemployed, 2% want to gain global experience and 1% listed compensation as #1 driver.

Primary reason for accepting new employment:

#1 Opportunity to contribute in a more meaningful role (35%)

#2 Identified with leadership and culture (24%)

#3 Felt business and/or business model was more aligned to their interests (22%)

#4 Upside potential was excellent (15%) 

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Ready for a Raise?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019  by Bailey


It is a talent driven market which means that competition for companies to attract top people is at an all time high. In addition, companies are actively trying to retain the high performers in place. Employed talent may be in the driver's seat and feel that this is an opportune time to ask for a raise. However, even in the best of times, asking for a raise can be precarious. Here are some tips on how to navigate the conversation:

  • Begin slowly. 1st quarter is an excellent time to ask your boss for a planning meeting. Discuss short and long term goals. Communicate your desire for more money this year in the context of adding more value to the company.
  • Have the necessary information in hand by researching your worth. Understanding what other people in similar roles are making can help bridge the gap in salary. Be realistic with your numbers as average increases are within the 3-5% range.
  • Set yourself apart from the others to raise your profile to the level you wish to be compensated. Exceeding expectations by contributing outside your role, mentoring others or becoming the point person in your department will carry more weight when asking for a raise.
  • Communicate your contributions clearly with metrics and concrete examples for savings in expenditures, quick turnarounds and process improvements are key.
  • Clearly define the salary increase timeline you are asking for and schedule the follow up meeting. Communicate that your ability to achieve the outlined goals are related  to the success of the company and merit the pay increase.


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Hiring Trends

Friday, February 15, 2019  by Bailey

1st quarter 2019 hiring trends indicate a robust job market that is highly competitive for talent acquisition. Companies who actively market themselves to attract and engage talent will set themselves apart. Talented professionals are researching the reputation of companies and their teams to determine if it is a potential fit. Further, candidates are paying close attention to feedback on candidate experience prior to applying.
According to and Linkedin:
  • 75% of candidates research about firm's reputation and Employer Brand before applying for a job
  • 83% of employers say that Employer Brand plays a significant role in their ability to hire talent
  • 69% of candidates would not accept a job in a firm with a bad reputation even if that means being unemployed
  • 97% of candidates who had a positive experience would refer others to apply
  • 90% of global professionals are interested in learning about new job opportunities even though only 36% is actively looking
The B&B team is proactively targeting the talent pool to engage dialogue and market opportunities. Our proven track record of success brings the best people to the table for our clients while streamlining the hiring process.​​​​​​​

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Hot New Search!

Monday, February 11, 2019  by Bailey


Director of Continuous Improvement 

Bethel-Danbury-Newtown (CT) Area

Exclusive. Profitable and expanding B2B with sustained growth due to geographical expansion, new customers, and multiple acquisitions. This is a new role reporting to C-level and will lead and orchestrate initiatives that will improve business processes, efficiencies, systems, and controls. Join a decentralized business model with 70+ SBUs across North America and Europe. Partner across total company. The goal for this role is to identify and lead opportunities to improve financial and operational efficiency that will improve profitability and support continual growth. This will include evaluating all functions (e.g. accounting, human resources, supply chain, operations, fleet management, and contracts), making recommendations for change, leading projects and managing business applications. This will encompass:

(1)  Moving additional functions to existing shared services

(2)  Outsourcing functions to 3rd parties if that is the best solution

(3)  Automation of processes to eliminate time and improve quality

(4)  Technology upgrades and enhancements

(5)  Process improvements evolution

This position will assist in developing a road map acting as a subject matter expert, internal consultant and business leader. Assist in the development of measurable goals and provide training, coaching, tools, and leadership to support change, process improvement, and evolution. 

  • Drive continuous improvement across all operations to achieve results.
  • Lead all shared service operations and facilitate 3rd party resources
  • Utilize Pareto analysis and other tools to identify areas with opportunity for significant improvement. Develop and facilitate implementation of plans to improve areas where major opportunities exist. Prioritize efforts of significant impact and tactical benefit for operations metrics and profitability gains.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders to establish metrics and time lines. Assist with communication of expectations, deliverables, goals, etc., when necessary, to drive desired outcomes and promote successes, when achieved.
  • Partner on assessments to evaluate understanding, thinking, & implementation of existing and proposed practices, tools, processes, & policies. Apply knowledge to develop corporate & operational opportunities and help to establish priorities. Communicate assessment results & opportunities to all stakeholders.

REQUIREMENTS: BA/BS required; MBA a plus; Six Sigma certification highly desired. Candidates must come from multi-location lean manufacturing, distribution or B2B services with over $500M in revenues. Candidates must have lead change and process improvement initiatives that increased efficiency and profitability. Candidates must have strong ERP experience. Looking for that advisory and/or consultative personality capable of convincing the need for change and then leading the transition. Local candidates only.

REWARD: $170,000 to $200,000 plus 20-30% bonus

If interested, please email Ed Bradstreet, Search Partner, at

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