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New Job Opportunities June 16th

Tuesday, June 17, 2014  by julie

Dream Job

Finance Director – Global Integration: ID #11572
Industry: Manufacturing
The goal of this role is to be groomed as the financial business partner with the GM of a $400+M platform of manufacturing and supply chain operations sold to OEMs worldwide. Click here to apply.

Tax Director – Mutual Funds: ID #11574
Industry: Financial Services
Company is profitable, expanding, proactive, empowering, and innovative. Business is committed to being an industry leader! Ready to join? Click here to apply.

Sr. Director Product Development – CPG; ID # 11575
Industry: Consumer Products
Highly visible R&D leadership role focused on developing new formulations for consumer health products using natural ingredients. Does this sound like you? Click here to apply.

Project Manager; ID # 11563

Director of Operations: ID # 11576
Industry: Manufacturing
Due to growth and evolution, need a player/coach personality who is willing to be as hands on as necessary but can elevate to strategy and general management. Click here to apply.

Sales Leader – Oil & Gas Channel; ID # 11577
Industry: Energy
Ensure the regional sales team work objectives are clearly understood and develop future sales and business development/sales managers. This is an amazing opportunity. Click here to apply. 


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New Job Opportunities June 2-9th

Tuesday, June 10, 2014  by julie

VP Human Resources; ID 11567
Industry: Non-Profit
Looking for a passionate leader with the HR and organizational expertise to help drive the long-term growth and stability of the program. Does this sound like you? Click here to apply.

Marketing Manager; ID 11568
Industry: Manufacturing
Report to the VP Sales & Marketing.  Manage all areas of marketing, with a focus on lead generation, marketing communications, website content, trade shows, PR and market research. A wonderful leadership opportunity with a lot of growth potential. Click here to apply.

Assistant Treasurer – Global; ID #11569
Industry: Manufacturing
Looking for a value-adding contributor with upside potential. Does $100-115,000 plus 10-15% bonus and long term incentives sound like something that would interest you? Click here to apply.

Senior Systems Engineer; ID 11566
Industry: Manufacturing
Be part of a brilliant and dynamic team of mechanical, electrical, and software development engineers, scientists, and product managers utilizing the latest technology to develop new products. Click here to apply.

CFO with GM Potential; ID 11570
Industry: Manufacturing
GM is being groomed for C-suite at Corporate and wants to hire and groom his replacement. Division manufacturers capital equipment and provides IP based technology based service contracts for medium to large businesses and international governments. This is an incredible opportunity. Click here to apply.

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Recruiting For Your Company

Tuesday, June 3, 2014  by julie

Do you:
1) Stay late at the office long after all your employers have gone home?
2) Spend your whole day responding to emails and sitting in meetings while the really important tasks get pushed aside?
3) Feel overwhelmed? 

We all wish there were more hours in the day but the reality is there is not. So as an employer you need to recognize the signs of building a strong team to support you, help you grow the business and the end result will be better quality of life and a thriving company. 

These are all signs that you are doing much but finding the right people can also be challenging and sharing the responsibilty. 

We know we have heard the good old, "If you want something done right, do it yourself.” In order to grow a business, enjoy life outside your business, you need the right people. 

Start by tracking your work day. See how long each task is taking you and write it down. Chances are once you see it on paper you can determine a role to handle those tasks for you. 

After taking a close look at your own productivity, it is time for you to get in touch with us at Bohan & Bradstreet. We can help you find those productivity pot holes and give you our expert advice so we can determine the best fit for your companies needs. 

We can help you look at the bigger picture so you can attain your long term company goals without being the one to have to do it all. Finding the right support for your company is essential in having your company grow and reach greater heights. 

Start building your amazing team! Get excited and make things happen. Contact Bohan & Bradstreet today!

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CASE STUDY: Consultative Approach - The B&B Difference

Tuesday, May 27, 2014  by julie

SITUATION - The business model for a Connecticut OEM had shifted from a vertical manufacturer to more reliance on contract manufacturing and assembly operation with a more demanding supply chain element. Information systems and technology were underutilized and dated. 

ACTIONS - The CEO and CFO initiated a call to B&B to potentially recruit a Project Manager to work for the IT Director. B&B led discussions with the executive team, including the IT Director, to best understand recent evolution, organization structure, business model, personnel, current processes, needs, challenges, and goals. The conversation was interactive, candid and open. The Company viewed IT as under producing rather than as a strategic resource to partner on business evolution. B&B was offered the exclusive to search for a Systems Manager and turned it down. B&B reached out to the CEO and made the recommendation that the biggest road block to success was the IT Director and if IT was to be a true business partner, then new leadership was required.  After this conversation, we were retained to source a new IT Director  

RESULTS - B&B established a search process with milestones of delivery; identified and introduced four highly qualified candidates; and had a new IT Director aboard within 90 days. The end result is a more interactive IT function that is providing value-based intelligence to both internal and external customers, and active participants in the business planning process. 

Another example of the #bandb way. 

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Bohan & Bradstreet Recruiting Placements

Tuesday, May 20, 2014  by julie

Bohan & Bradstreet goes beyond the search process, partnering with clients on prudent talent acquisitions and adding value to candidates' career choices and expectations. The result is the #BandB way. Here is a result of our search efforts and working with our partners to find the best talent and get the talent the best results so they also remain happy. Check out our placements for this month.

Product Manager within a profitable private manufacturing company based in Connecticut. $80,000 in base salary, plus Profit Sharing.

Sales Support Manager within a customized capital equipment manufacturer in Connecticut. $100,000 in base salary and a 10% bonus with a car allowance.   

Supply Chain Manager within a Private equity infused, global manufacturer based in Connecticut. $125,000 in base salary plus 20% bonus.  

Staff Accountant within a Private high tech international consumer products manufacturer and distributor based in Connecticut. $55,000 in base salary.

VP, Finance within a Private equity backed, multi-divisional manufacturer based in Connecticut. $155,000 in base salary. 

VP, Strategy & Finance within a B2C provider of a high quality business transaction service based in Connecticut. $111,000 in base salary plus options.

Corporate Controller within a decentralized B2C financial service company based in Connecticut. $120,000 in base salary plus options.   

Board Administrator at a well recognized service provider in New Haven for $70,000 base salary + $3,000 sign on.

Regional Account Coordinator at a expanding manufacturing business in Connecticut for $58,000 base salary + $5% bonus and stock.  

Director, Human Resources at a manufacturer of engineered products in Connecticut for $110,000 base salary plus 10% bonus.

Business Finance Manager at a global, profitable and expanding market driven private equity infused B2B  in Connecticut for $115,000 base salary + 20% target bonus.  

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